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Tutorial. Typical pathological processes. Pathophysiology of metabolism., 2008
The manual contains educational material for the most important section - the pathophysiology of metabolic curriculum discipline "Pathophysiology". In the process of learning, students are faced with the need to integrate knowledge gained from studying metabolism in academic disciplines in biochemistry, physiology, pathological anatomy, pathophysiology, and the development of skills in applied clinical thinking. The objective of this textbook is to teach a student a clinical and pathophysiological understanding of the knowledge gained from studying this section of pathology for subsequent use in clinical disciplines. In the process of independent work, students get the opportunity to get acquainted with the generalized material of textbooks, in-depth information from additional sources. To facilitate the development of this knowledge, algorithms for the causes, mechanisms and manifestations of metabolic disorders in the form of tables and diagrams are presented. On the example of test tasks, it is possible to analyze and fix the obtained information. Situational tasks allow developing clinical and pathophysiological thinking and differential diagnosis skills. The manual is intended for students of medical schools, it may be useful for interns, clinical residents, graduate students and medical practitioners.

Books and textbooks on the discipline Pathological physiology:

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