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A.V. Pasechnik, E.G. Moiseeva, V.A. Frolov, G.A. Drozdov. Inflammation and metabolic disorders, 2011
Treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases reduces the levels of such cardiovascular risk factors as C-reactive protein and fibrinogen, American scientists have found. This is another proof of the connection of periodontal diseases and cardiovascular pathology. C-reactive protein (CRP) and fibrinogen are acute-phase proteins and systemic markers of inflammation.

As it was announced at the 82nd General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA), complex treatment led to a significant decrease in the initially elevated concentrations of CRP (at least 3 mg / l) and fibrinogen (at least 3 g / l). The concentration of CRP and fibrinogen decreased by 9 months with only mechanical treatment, and by 6 months with the additional prescription of an antibacterial drug (p <0.05).

Thus, in patients with elevated CRP levels, removal of dental plaque bacteria in combination with local antibiotic therapy reduced the CRP concentration to characteristic figures for low cardiovascular risk.

Today, we and many other authors are developing the effects of complex therapy on the levels of other inflammatory markers - cytokines, including the effects on metabolic proatherogenic parameters.

For students, clinical interns and graduate students of medical faculty, students in the specialties "Dentistry", "General Medicine"

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