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Lecture Anemia Hemorrhagic syndrome 2010
Post-hemorrhagic anemia. Iron deficiency anemia. Aplastic (hypoplastic) anemia. Hemolytic anemia.
abstract Hemostasis and its components. Antigenic blood systems 2009
Performed briefly, but very professional. Graphic charts, tables, bibliography
Maksimovich N.A. Hemolytic anemia in children 2005
Teaching manual, compiled in accordance with the training program in the pediatric faculty for the course of pediatric hematology. Psobie includes issues of etiology, pathogenesis, classification, clinic, diagnostic and rehabilitation of children with hemolytic anemia. The teaching aid is intended for self-preparation for classes in pediatric hematology for students of 5-6 courses of the pediatric faculty and can be useful to pediatricians.
Mokeev I.N. Infusion-transfusion therapy: a Handbook 1998
The book is the third, revised and supplemented edition of the handbook on infusion-transfusion therapy (1st edition was published in 1996). It summarizes the main issues related to infusion-transfusion therapy: the problem of donation, the preparation and storage of donor blood, blood transfusion, the adverse effects of blood transfusions, plasma substituting medium, parenteral nutrition. The book also includes a review of methods of artificial blood purification and a chapter on disseminated intravascular coagulation.

The purpose of this book is to help the reader navigate through extensive information on infusion-transfusion therapy.

The handbook is designed for a wide range of doctors of various specialties. The book can be used as a practical guide in preparing for the delivery of credit for blood transfusions and blood substitutes.

Kassirsky I.A., Alekseev G.A. Clinical hematology 1970
The etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture and diagnosis of all pathological conditions of the blood are described in detail.
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