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Maksimovich N.A. .. Hemolytic anemia in children, 2005
Teaching manual, compiled in accordance with the training program in the pediatric faculty for the course of pediatric hematology. Psobie includes issues of etiology, pathogenesis, classification, clinic, diagnostic and rehabilitation of children with hemolytic anemia. The educational-methodical manual is intended for self-preparation for classes in pediatric hematology for students of 5-6 courses of the pediatric faculty and can be useful to pediatricians

Books and textbooks on the subject of hematology:

  1. Lecture. Anemia Hemorrhagic syndrome - 2010
  2. Abstract. Hemostasis and its components. Antigenic blood systems - 2009
  3. Mokeev, IN. Infusion-transfusion therapy: a Handbook - 1998
  4. Kassirsky I.A., Alekseev G.A. Clinical hematology - 1970
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