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Mikhailova E.L. “I am alone”, or Vasilisa Spindle 2003
There are books, the meeting with which becomes an event. At least because they help to look at their lives differently than we used to. Among them is the one that you hold in your hands. It is with such an unusual look that she differs from numerous books “about women” and “about female psychology”. Although, of course, it is about both of them. And also about women's psychological groups and their participants, about gender myths and how they appear. And also about why we are what we are and how could it be otherwise.

Recognition replaces discovery, pain and fear alternate with irony and mischief, understanding and love. And the spindle is spinning, weaving the thread of life - the life of a woman and life in general, in which there are so many different ...

And it is useful for everyone to read the book, regardless of gender, age and profession. The right word, you will not remain indifferent.
Sean burne Gender Psychology 2002
This book is devoted to studies of the psychology of gender (gender). Psychologist, sociologist, teacher, social sciences specialist will find in this book a unique research material on the sources of gender socialization, on the formation of gender norms, social and gender roles, will get acquainted with such concepts as regulatory and informational pressure, aggression, conformity, gender stereotypes, success rate, the norm of anti-identity, etc.

A reader interested in modern scientific psychology will receive answers to such questions: “Why should the distribution of family responsibilities change?”, “Who and what is more capable: women or men?”, “What are the limitations imposed by the traditional roles of women and men?”, “ Why are women usually paid less? ”Etc.
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