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About lyuboff / on1

O. Robski

Lada ate chocolate. She could eat a kilogram of chocolate a day. And nothing more. Only half a pack for another night.

I was lying in front of the TV and reading a book. "Kio Ku Mitsu! (top secret - in case of danger). "

Twenty minutes later on NTV - sports - tennis. Our girls. I want to see.

- And do you know that Lenka gave you Max for his birthday? - asked Lada.

Experience suggested that this was a continuation issue. But I still tried to keep silent.

- Vlad?

- Mmm?

- In Belgium there is such a chocolate factory, they only work for Vip.

What is she driving at? Maybe he's going to order his sculpture from chocolate? Sometimes you want the chair, like in Japanese cartoons, to fall through the ground and fly to outer space. At the speed of light. And Lada would be sitting in the armchair.

1 Robski O. About lyuboff / on. - Moscow: Rosmen-Press, 2006. P. 223-226.

- Lenka went there for a tasting. She says she did not eat such delicious chocolate in her life.

- Honey, what do we have there with the repair? Are you happy with the architect? Lada ignored my feeble attempt to start a conversation on a topic that interests both of them.

- And she was given to choose four fillings. Which she liked best. And they made four candies with her initials specially for her! Cool?

Four sweets? Not Ladin's scope.
So, he just says so.

- Cool! - I even postponed the book to support the conversation.

- So Max gave her a lifetime monthly delivery of sweets from Belgium. Straight home, in a package designed specifically for Lenki! Can you imagine? Sweets with initials, every month, specially for you ?! There is a unit. I think we need it, too. Dear, let's buy it.

A million dollars to bring us sweets home ?!

"I do not think we need to, my dear."

- Vlad! I want it very much! I so rarely ask you for something!

- Well, well, are you a normal person? Can you imagine what a million is?

"It's the same as for everyone else!" You just feel sorry! You can not do anything for me!

Tennis began. I made a louder sound.

"You just need to look at this nonsense!" - Lada has become angry. "You can not do anything!" Just watch how others can do something!

- You know how much! For a manicure to make an appointment and not to be late for a massage.

- Yes, what did you become? You just drink all day and walk ... Do you think you have friends? Yes they are laughing at you.

I turned off the TV. It is necessary to cut the lock on the door.

Blow up a chocolate factory in Belgium. The door slammed. Lada left.
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    APPENDIX 1 {foto17} APPENDIX 2 {foto18} APPENDIX 3 {foto19} APPENDIX 4 {foto20} {foto21} APPENDIX 5 {foto22} APPENDIX 6 {foto23} APPENDIX 7 {foto24} APPENDIX 8 {foto25} {foto26} APPENDIX 9 {foto27 } APPENDIX 10 ADAPTIVITY 1. It happens that I am angry. 2. Usually in the morning I
  2. Appendix 2
    San PI "Hygienic requirements for shelf life and food storage conditions" Storage conditions, shelf life of highly perishable and perishable products at 4 +/- 2 ° C (except items 39-42, 56) {foto25} Continuation of the application 2 {foto26} {foto27} Continuation of Annex 2 {foto28} {foto29} Continuation of Annex 2
  3. Annexes 2 and 3
    Dear Reader! The description of the vision correction is given for the table in Appendix 2. Annex 3 proposes an inverted table. The methods of working with it are similar to those described in the book. Restoring her vision, it will be easier for you to create a mood, because you will move from line to line up to the very top. I wish you a successful conquest! Appendix 2 Appendix
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    Applications (dodatki) numbered in large letters of the Ukrainian alphabet (and write: dodatok A, dodatok B, etc.). When you refer to an application in the text, you do this in parentheses, for example: (div.d. A, page 54). The application must have a name: that is, we write "add-ons A", and below - what it is, for example: Dodatok A. The questionnaire, dovetailed for the release of the name of the singers
  5. Annex 3
    Evaluation scale of quality of sunflower oil used as a deep-fryer {foto37} Appendix 4 Estimate scale of cooking fats used as frying {foto38} Appendix 5 Accounting scheme for the use of fats
  6. Annex 5
    Report on the results of psychological work in (the name of the military unit) for 200 g. (Period) 1) The report is addressed to the commander of the military unit and the head of the higher body of educational work. 2) The report is signed by the deputy commander of the military unit for educational work. 3) The report is submitted on the basis of the winter training period and for the academic year in
    Appendix 1 1. Boundary values ​​of Student's t-test for values ​​of confidence probabilities 0,95; 0.99; 0.999 {foto66} Attachment 2. 2. Transfer of grades to the scale of walls. {foto67} Appendix 3 4. Dependence of the percentage of suitable persons (in%) in the selected group on the validity of the test, the attitude of selection and the difficulty of the profession. {foto68} {foto69} ANNEX 4 4. Psychological
  8. Annex 5
    ABOUT INTRODUCTION TO NOMENCLATURE OF MEDICAL AND PROSPECTIVE SPECIALTIES "TRANSFUSIOLOGY" (Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 172 of May 29, 1997) Transfusion therapy is widely used in the treatment of various diseases and injuries, surgical interventions. Scientific and practical basis of transfusion therapy, organization and activity of blood service and transfusiological care in treatment and prophylactic
  9. Annex 6
    Report on the results of the socio-psychological study of the recruitment of calls for spring (autumn) 200 years in (the name of the military unit) 1) The report is addressed to the commander of the military unit and the head of the higher educational work body. 2) The report is signed by the deputy commander of the military unit for educational work. 3) The report is submitted on the basis of the winter
    LABORATORY INDICATORS OF CLINICAL IMPORTANCE Introductory Commentary As the "Internal Diseases" manual is a textbook used in many countries of the world, preparing the Appendix, the authors took into account the fact that many laboratories use a system of international units. In this regard, if possible and necessary, the usual laboratory indicators
  11. Annex 1
    Norms of sanitary clothing, sanitary shoes and bathroom accessories for public catering workers {foto23} Continuation of Annex 1
  12. Annexes to the relevant subsections of Section 2.
    "Quantitative and qualitative composition of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere from the main technological processes" Annex 2.2.1. Dust formation during mechanical treatment of wood [1, 6] {foto22} {foto23} {foto24} {foto25} {foto26} {foto27} {foto28} Appendix 2.2.2. The dispersion composition of the dust formed during the main machining processes
    Appendix 1 List of infectious forms in which servicemen are to be treated in the isolator of the medical unit of the part of the Flu and other acute respiratory diseases: light and medium-heavy forms, uncomplicated. Primary angina, follicular and lacunar forms, uncomplicated. Glistovye infestations. Patients with severe influenza and sore throats, with complications and all patients with other
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