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abstract Mold 2010
Content: Introduction. Causes of occurrence. Harm to health. Prevention and control measures. Mold in St. Petersburg. 2010 Photos of sections of walls and ceilings affected by mold.
N.S. Solyanik Methodical recommendations and control tasks for the discipline Microbiology, nutrition physiology, sanitation 2010
for the specialty 260502 “Technology of products of public catering” / The purpose of studying the discipline is the acquisition by students of theoretical knowledge, practical skills in the field of morphology and physiology of microorganisms, the physiological bases of rational nutrition, industrial sanitation and hygiene.
abstract Prevention of gastrointestinal disorders. Food Hygiene 2010
Squirrels. Fat Carbohydrates. Hygienic importance of minerals and vitamins in the diet of the population. Food poisoning. Energy assessment of the diet. Acute food poisoning non-microbial nature. Food poisoning bacterial nature.
Tests personal hygiene of the patient. Nutrition of patients 2010
Contains test questions for patient care and answers to them. Yaroslavl State Medical Academy.
Konstantinova I.G. How to get rid of rats, mice and domestic pests 2010
The problem of combating rodents and harmful insects, which had previously seemed insoluble, is still relevant. The amazing ability of pests to quickly adapt to the drugs used makes a person invent new methods for their destruction. This book contains a number of ways to combat domestic pests that will effectively save you from the problem of eviction of these uninvited guests.
According to the materials of international student scientific conferences Innovations of students in the field of veterinary medicine, biology, ecology and zootechny. Modern problems of commodity research, commodity consulting and examination of goods. 2010
The collection includes articles summarizing the results of research by students from various regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus in the most promising areas of basic and applied science. The materials are intended for researchers and teachers, specialists, graduate students and students.
Test Air Protection Measures 2009
Introduction; Atmospheric air as an object of protection; Measures for the protection of the atmosphere; Architectural planning measures for the protection of atmospheric air; Legislative measures for the protection of atmospheric air; Features of the legal regime of atmospheric air; Basic legal means of air protection; Conclusion; Bibliography.
Program Prevention of nosocomial infections (vbi) 2009
Specialists of health facilities should be in control of the situation on infectious morbidity in the Region for planning measures to prevent the introduction and spread of infection in health facilities. Should know the epidemiology of nosocomial infection, the main causes of growth, the economic damage and the prevalence of this pathology in hospitals of various profiles. In order to prevent nosocomial infections, ensure the epidemiological safety of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and be able to organize infection control based on epidemiological diagnosis data. To do this, own the elements of the epidemiological analysis of morbidity, know the stages of its implementation, determine the goals and objectives. Use the directions of the "Conception for the prevention of nosocomial infections," modern regulatory documents governing the work of health facilities for planning preventive and anti-epidemic measures
Test The physiological and hygienic value of food. Energy Diet Assessment 2009
Introduction. The physiological role and hygienic value of proteins. The physiological role and hygienic value of fats. The physiological role and hygienic value of carbohydrates. The physiological and hygienic assessment of the main microelements. Vitamins. Energy assessment of the diet. Conclusion. References.
Teaching guide Hygiene. Lecture course 2008
In the educational-methodical manual in accordance with the program of the discipline "Hygiene" of the block of general professional disciplines of the curriculum of the direction 032100 - "Physical culture" and specialty 032101 - "Physical culture and sports" the main sections of the theoretical part of the discipline are presented. It can be used to consolidate the studied material in the discipline, as well as for independent work of students. Designed for students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. It will be of great help to teachers, trainers in the organization of theoretical and training sessions.
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