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Lakshin A.M., Kataeva V.A. General hygiene with basic human ecology 2004
The textbook discusses the most important hygienic and environmental aspects of physical, chemical, biological and social environmental factors. A significant place is given to the issues of professional hygiene of dentists and dental technicians. A detailed description of the material relating to the device dental clinics and dental laboratories. For students of dental institutes and dental faculties of medical institutes.
Evplov V.I. Disinfection and sterilization in the hospital 2003
Disinfection and sterilization in hospitals are today an essential part of the prevention of nosocomial infections. This book contains extensive material regulating the activities of medical staff at this important and important area. The collection is designed not only for practicing elders, chief nurses, medical assistants, but will also be extremely useful and indispensable for students of medical colleges, colleges and universities.
Herbert M. Shelton Orthotrophy: Basics of proper nutrition and fasting 2002
The author of the book is an eminent American hygienist, holder of several titles of honorary doctor of science, whose works have been translated into many languages ​​of the world - both Western and Eastern. In Russia, he is known for individual articles and some works translated into Russian. This book contains the most complete information about the system of good nutrition and therapeutic fasting, based on the principles of Natural Hygiene. The reader will also get acquainted with Shelton's closest associate - Virginia Vetrano (a brief biography and her article are in the book), which continues to be active in the Hygienic Revolution, as the movement for human health is called abroad. The book is intended both for health professionals and for a wide range of readers.
Romanenko N.A., Padchenko I.K., Chebyshev N.V. Sanitary Parasitology 2000
The manual sets out the causes of biological contamination of the environment with pathogens of parasitosis. The concept of "risk of infection"; principal methodological scheme for conducting epidemiological studies; system of sanitary parasitological environmental monitoring. The original and effective methods of sanitary-helminthological and sanitary-protozoological research are covered. Parasitologically safe conditions for the disposal of solid and liquid wastes in agriculture are considered. Describes the modes of disinfection of various products. For parasitologists, epidemiologists, sanitary and veterinary doctors, biologists, laboratory technicians.
Pivovarov Yu.P. Human Hygiene and Ecology 1999
The course of lectures contains materials of the main lectures delivered by the staff of the department to students of the medical, pediatric and medical-biological faculties of the university, as well as to students of the Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitation. The lectures reflected the main sections of hygiene: environmental hygiene, food hygiene, hygiene of medical institutions, radiation hygiene, occupational health, hygiene of children and adolescents, hygiene of extreme situations and disasters, as well as human ecology related to these hygiene areas. The lectures are compiled taking into account the official regulatory materials currently in force (GOSTs, SanPiNs, instructions, etc.), including those put into effect in recent years. This material is written in accordance with the current model programs of the relevant faculties and is quite well illustrated with tables and other information materials.
Kosovan A.P., Polandova R.D., Kvetniy F.M. Guidelines for rationing, accounting and control of emissions of pollutants from bakeries 1996
This document was developed in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of atmospheric air and specifies its standards for the bakery industry in order to unify work on rationing, accounting and control of emissions at these enterprises.
Methodical instructions Temporary guidelines for the calculation of emissions of pollutants into the air by the enterprises of the woodworking industry 1992
This abbreviated and edited edition of the Interim Guidelines for the Calculation of Emissions of Polluting Substances into the Atmosphere by the Enterprises of the Woodworking Industry has been prepared by the Scientific Research Institute Atmosphere. The content of the document corresponds to that contained in the current (as of 01.2001) sections of the above-mentioned “Temporary methodological guidelines ...”.
Gorshkov A.I., Lipatova O.V. Food Hygiene 1987
The textbook covers nutritional hygiene, taking into account the physiological significance of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral elements). The nutritional and biological value of food is considered as well as the issues of their storage and transportation. The basics of organizing a balanced diet for various groups of the population are outlined. Food poisoning and its prevention, as well as issues of current sanitary inspection at food enterprises are considered. The textbook is designed for students of sanitary and medical assistant departments of medical schools.
by ed. V.N. Kardashenko Hygiene of children and teenagers 1980
Literature. Hygiene of children and adolescents ed. Century N. Kardashenko - M. - Medicine - 1980. - with. 41-115. Guide to laboratory work on hygiene Dip - ed. V.N. Kardashenko - M., Medicine - 1983. - with. 7-51.
Nikitin D. P., Novikov Yu. V., Roshchin A. V., and others. Directory of the assistant to the sanitary doctor and the assistant epidemiologist 1978
The second edition of the handbook (first published in 1978) included new materials on the hygiene of the layout of populated areas, sanitary protection of atmospheric air and water bodies; hygiene of water supply, radiation hygiene, prevention of infectious diseases, food hygiene, etc. The handbook introduced new sections on the clinical examination of working and labor protection of women, the hygiene of out-of-school and summer health institutions, etc. The chapters on sanitary inspection in agricultural production, sanitary control over the use of food additives and fertilizers, etc.
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