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What works must eat

The reserve reserves intended for use during fasting are assimilated with greater ease and less load on the body compared to the consumption of food undergoing a difficult process of assimilation. Dr. Jennings explained: “The moment concerning the vessels of the lymphatic system deserves special attention and reminder. In case of some health problems, when the digestive apparatus is disabled, either due to defects in its own structure, requiring the termination of its activity for repair, or because the forces in the body that can be used to maintain it are temporarily weakened or used to of other work, the lymphatic vessels offer their good offices to provide the missing nutrition by supplying animal fat, elements of the flesh and other substances that can be turned into food and brought into common irkulyatsiyu for power hungry and worn out working bodies in accordance with their needs, for what works should eat, eat. Indeed, this remedy is often resorted to in cases of serious illness, especially prolonged general weakness; for it is less burdensome to provide the necessary nutrition for the vital functions of the body than to use raw materials for this with the help of the digestive apparatus. This wise means of maintaining life in critical circumstances should dispel all fears and anxieties regarding nutrition, when there is no appetite, because if there is a need for food, if there is a normal digestive system and the ability to consistently save the necessary forces, this system will always have appetite, and it will be directly proportional the needs of the body - a real appetite is just a conversion of nature to what is necessary to satisfy the need, and if nature does not have this wa, then this is either because there is no such need, or nature is not able to satisfy it, and in any of these cases it is useless to impose food on the stomach, either ignoring obvious evidence, or provoking an artificial appetite.

In the exceptional case, when there is a dependence on the lymphatic system in the interests of helping nutrition for a long time, until the substances suitable for supply in this way are exhausted and exhaustion becomes an alternative to digestion and assimilation (if this is a treatable case), the digestive system will gain strength sufficient to the call of food, and upon receipt of it begins to act. This may be for a while, at intervals of several hours, it is enough to maintain important organs in working condition, and extreme caution is needed in nutrition, its quantity and quality, so as not to put out, not to destroy weak vital activity.
But if under these circumstances, with proper treatment in other respects, the digestive organs do not make efforts to stop the complete attenuation of life, this can lead to an inevitable fatal outcome, because neither stimulus nor strength to act in this direction can be increased by artificial means. "

The process of feeding tired, worn out and hungry working bodies is not as simple as Jennings describes. But it must be borne in mind that at the time when he wrote this, nothing was known about autolysis. We must remember that Graham described the process in the same way as Jennings did. Since both were friends and discussed these issues more than once, it is quite possible that they came to a common understanding of how the nutrition of vital organs occurs during the period of abstinence from food. In general terms, however, Jennings's explanation of how the body uses fasting to better achieve certain goals is correct.

Sylvester Graham explained that if the body uses more food than it receives daily, then this is a general law of the life structure, according to which decaying absorbents always first capture and remove those substances that are least used by the structure, and, therefore, all harmful accumulations like adipose tissue, tumors, abscesses, etc. are rapidly reduced and often completely eliminated with strict and prolonged abstinence from food and starvation. Starvation, creating a lack of nutrition, forces the body to sacrifice surpluses and remove unnecessary things, which it cannot do in a state of satiety. The elimination of excess substances is accompanied by an increase in strength and the process of physiological and even biological restructuring.

Regarding another case, Jennings states: “For several days there was no food and he was gone for several more days. For it would be a waste of energy to force the digestive apparatus to process raw material under the given conditions, if it were done. "This principle has wide application, and especially in fasting. A starving organism very carefully accumulates material, but quickly absorbs and removes or uses that material , which is contained in growths, deposits, tumors, abscesses, etc.
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What works must eat

  1. How much should we eat
    The question of how much to eat has attracted the attention of many thinking men and women. But the answer was never given. So-called scientists have calculated our calorie needs. As I have already shown, this is a hoax. People are encouraged to eat what the appetite calls for. But the appetite is created by habit and can be developed so that it will require either little food, or very much. Excessive appetite
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    For God, the Creator of this infinite Universe - the kingdom of freedom, happiness and justice - there are no incurable diseases. Despite this, there are some patients who cannot be cured and who cannot be taught how to cure themselves. These are arrogant people who do not want to know first of all the structures of the Infinite Universe and its comprehensive basis (Kingdom of Heaven and its justice). They do not understand,
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    The first question you should ask yourself is, do you know yourself well enough? Do you have a clear idea of ​​how you are “built”? What are the features and rhythm of your internal organs? How does this activity relate to that of your partner? Experts say that banal sexual illiteracy is the cause of childlessness in much more
  4. You eat what you are
    Today, the incidence of two hormone-related forms of cancer — the breast and the prostate — is growing rapidly, and thyroid disorders have become epidemic-wide, experts point to phthalates as one of their causes. Food toxicity has another aspect. Standard diet of modern man with a lot of refined cereals and sugars and processed foods
    The main source of chemical effects on our body is the food with which we come into the closest contact. Food is important for any living organism, but people perceive it at a completely different level than any other organism. Our whole life revolves around food. We celebrate and grieve by absorbing food. Many people celebrate the most significant events of their life at the table, in a circle.
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    You say that we reap what we sow. Why is this happening to me, because I am the type of woman who easily makes a commitment? Moreover, this is not the first time this has happened to me. And it was difficult for other people to make a commitment to me. You have to ask yourself the following question: what makes me want so much to make a commitment? Maybe you are this
  7. TaschenGuide is all you need to know
    For everyone who has little time and who wants to know the essence of the matter. For beginners and professionals who want to quickly refresh their knowledge. You will save time and be able to effectively apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The authors present each topic simply, in an accessible form. All sections are structured in accordance with the most important issues and problems encountered in practice.
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    In order to understand the mechanism of development of obesity, and even more so to outline ways of treating this disease, you should understand the simplest "basics" of nutrition. What foods we eat daily, how they are transformed in our body and participate in metabolism. The importance of the proper combination of food is also mentioned in the famous source of Tibetan medicine “Chjud-shi”, about this
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    He believes that I should not take everything so close to my heart and that I should take care of my well-being myself. How should I be in this situation? Your husband, of course, is right in one thing: this is his personal life and he is not obliged to report to anyone other than himself. On the other hand, I cannot agree with his statement that he cannot change. Everyone can change for the better if
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    A training chart for correcting vision is an indicator of the correctness of your work with emotions, that is, it is needed for control. The table itself will not give you anything - it's just a piece of paper. Do not expect a miracle from her, create it yourself! Your task is to direct 90% of your efforts to “muscle corset” and mood. All! Hold the “muscle corset” and raise your mood until
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    Firstly, this is not your responsibility, and secondly, you need to assign this responsibility to them, telling them that from now on they will be responsible for the consequences of their choice. Currently, they have made the choice to send in the mornings, and you decided to be responsible for the consequences of their choice, fearing what might happen to them. When they themselves have to answer for the consequences of their choice,
    Olga Korotonozhkina expert AB RUI, veterinarian The cat is very prolific. At 8 - 10 months she can already bring the first offspring. Two, three and even four times a year, she is able to give birth to kittens, an average of five in each litter. After a year, the young generation is also involved in the process of procreation. American scientists have calculated that one cat and all its offspring in seven years can produce
  13. My sister has breast cancer, already has metastases. She was treated by a medicine man, went to prayer sessions, etc. At present, she says that she is giving herself into the hands of GOD and is gradually preparing for death. She has two children of nine and fifteen. What can I do as a sister?
    Your sister, apparently, has already made her choice. If she made a decision, it is important that you respect him. However, I see that you want to come to her aid, since it is difficult for you to accept her death. It’s important for you to clarify what is hard for you to accept. What do you feel in the shower? The next time you go to her, share your doubts with her, tell her that you have great difficulty believing in
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    How can you confirm this? I completely trust this philosophy of life, otherwise I would simply not allow myself to preach it. I myself have been putting it into practice with my second husband for nine years now and I can rightfully say that I observe positive results every day. Compared to the first marriage, which lasted fifteen years, the difference is enormous! The happiness that I
  15. Should I confess to my spouse, with whom I have been living for twenty-four years, that I no longer love him, but treat him like a brother?
    I think that he also guesses about it. Isn't it better for me to leave him so that each of us can improve independently? You are not mistaken in thinking that your husband is aware of what is happening to you, although perhaps he is not fully aware of this. I see that your relationship suffers to a large extent from your inability to communicate. It even seems to me that you should share as soon as possible
  16. You said that breastfeeding should not cause pain, but what about the engorgement that occurs in every woman a few days after giving birth?
    Often confused full and rough breasts. Fullness is normal, but engorgement can and should be prevented. A few days after giving birth, your breasts may become full, heavy and swollen, but milk flows easily. More often, give the baby a breast so that it sucks milk. Your breasts will gradually adapt to your baby’s needs and become softer, and you will feel better. If
  17. At what point should we help and to whom should we help?
    We can help at any time, provided that the person accepts our help. We should help as far as possible to all those who ask us for help; this is what we call human mercy. When a person asks us for help, we know that this is always the right moment to help him. When a person did not ask us for anything, and we sincerely believe that the ideal has arrived
  18. In my family I do everything: home, food, children, their education, their education. I don’t understand why only I should deal with all this. My husband says that when a woman does everything, it’s in the order of things. But he is also responsible for this, right?
    It depends on the obligations that you together made before the birth of the children. Have you discussed the consequences of having children in your family? Who wanted them? Suppose you really wanted to have children, but your husband told you: “I do not want to have children, but if this is so important to you, then okay. You can have children, I do not mind, because you will deal with them. " If between you has been reached
  19. My husband has a panic fear of being without money. And this despite the fact that he and I have a permanent job. What to do and what to tell him?
    Have you tried just talking to him about what's bothering him? You asked him if he had any questions about this, did he think about it? Was his father afraid to be left without money? If so, what did your husband as a child feel when he saw this fear of his father? Did he judge the father? When we condemn our parents, we ultimately become just like them. It would be nice to give
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