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Duties of the medical assistant

The sanitary paramedic, being the main assistant to the sanitary doctor of the city or district SES, monitors, on his instructions or on the basis of regulatory documents, the implementation of recommendations on the organization of rational nutrition for industrial workers, children and adolescents, diet food in hospitals, sanatoriums, dispensaries, rest homes and etc. This section of the work requires modern knowledge about the effect of nutrients on the body, depending on the profession, age, state of health, climatic conditions, and t Also physiological recommendations on the content of food substances in the diet and their ratio.
Good practical preparedness of the sanitary paramedic on issues of hygienic examination of food products is necessary to monitor the quality of food sold at public catering and trade enterprises. A sanitary paramedic should be able to take samples and make average samples for research, master the methods of laboratory analysis of food products.

A good knowledge of the technological processes of basic food production and cooking at public catering facilities will allow the medical assistant to carry out current sanitary supervision in a qualified manner.
The sanitary paramedic, along with the doctor, takes an active part in the implementation of preventive sanitary supervision: prepares documents, examines food facilities under construction at various stages of their construction, participates in the commission when drawing up acts for covert work, etc.
The sanitary paramedic fulfills the relevant sections of the comprehensive SES plan for the prevention of gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases, and also actively participates in sanitary-educational work among employees of food enterprises and the population.
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Duties of the medical assistant

  1. Paramedic Responsibilities for Receiving and Transferring Calls
    A specialist with secondary medical education who has a diploma and a corresponding certificate is appointed to the post of paramedic for receiving and transferring calls. The duty paramedic for receiving and transferring calls is directly subordinate to the senior shift doctor. He is entrusted with the operational management of all visiting teams in accordance with the territorial-zonal principle
  2. Job responsibilities, rights and tactical issues of the paramedic
    Job responsibilities, rights and tactical issues of work
  3. Responsibilities and Responsibilities for Compliance with Sanitary Rules
    Compliance with sanitary rules is mandatory for citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities (Article 39 of the Federal Law “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population” of March 30, 1999 No. 52-FZ). Company managers are required to provide: - the necessary conditions for compliance with sanitary rules and norms when processing raw materials, preparing products with a view to release
  4. Instruction on the procedure for the implementation by bodies and institutions of the sanitary-epidemiological service of the state sanitary supervision of the sanitary condition of health facilities
    (Approved by Order of the USSR M3 of March 23, 76 No. 228) In accordance with the Regulation on State Sanitary Inspection in the USSR, approved by Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated May 31, 73 No. 361, the sanitary and epidemiological service is entrusted with the supervision of sanitary and epidemiological control events and compliance by institutions and institution managers
  5. The basic structure of the work of a paramedic on FAP
    Characteristics of the feldsher-midwife station The feldsher-midwife station is an outpatient clinic in rural areas. FAP's health activities are managed by health authorities. FAP conducts preventive, sanitary and epidemiological work and sanitary and hygienic education of the population; has its own estimate, round stamp and
  6. Paramedic of the exit team of the NSR
    A specialist with secondary medical education, having a diploma and a corresponding certificate, is appointed to the post of medical assistant of the exit team of the NSR. In fulfilling the duties of providing emergency medical care, the paramedic is the responsible executor of all the work, and as part of the medical team acts under the guidance of a doctor. In his work guided by orders and instructions
  8. Paramedic tactics during a call
    Already approaching the place of call, we must begin to observe and draw conclusions. Whether they meet you or not; how people meet: they are worried, cried, alarmed, or indifferently unhurried, whether they are intoxicated, or if they look strange for the given circumstances. There are no general laws, but, as a rule, when something really serious happens, an ambulance is also met
  9. State sanitary supervision of the sanitary protection of water bodies and wastewater treatment
    State sanitary supervision of the sanitation of settlements and the sanitary condition of reservoirs of settlements provides for: 1. Identification and accounting of objects at which wastewater is generated, determination of their volume, the required cleaning efficiency, the place of possible release into reservoirs or the method of disposal. 2. Compilation and timely addition of a sanitary treatment passport
  10. Professional duties.
    The main organizational and legal forms of PAS are pathoanatomical bureaus (PAB), which is approved by clause 2.2 of the Appendix of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated 06.06.03, No. 229, and pathoanatomical departments (PAO) as structural units of medical facilities (For the provisions on PAB and PAO see in Appendix 2 and 3). The rights that patients receive under the Law (relatives, legal representatives) when applying for
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  13. Rights and obligations of practical psychologists
    Consider the rights and obligations that are necessary for the successful implementation by a psychologist of their professional activities. The psychologist should have the right: 1) to participate in all aspects of the life of the organization, institution, specific client, as well as get acquainted with the content of the documentation necessary for the successful performance of professional duties; 2) participate in
  14. State sanitary supervision in the field of sanitary protection of soil and cleaning of settlements
    Sanitary protection of the soil provides for: measures to prevent its pollution by household and industrial solid and liquid wastes, mineral fertilizers, pesticides and other exogenous chemicals; supervision of the correct structure, maintenance and operation of facilities for the disposal, elimination and disposal of waste; safe use controls
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  18. Features of the work of an ambulance paramedic in the outbreak with a large number of victims
    If there is a large number of victims at the scene, the ambulance paramedic should: 1) not immediately begin providing assistance to the victims. The first task is to assess the situation in the outbreak and ensure the transmission of information on "03"; 2) information by walkie-talkie or telephone should contain the exact location, landmarks, access roads; a brief description of the general situation at the scene;
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