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There is no danger in losing weight.

Many fear that fasting can lead to tuberculosis. It is believed that losing weight means susceptibility (vulnerability) of this "disease". But this fear is unfounded and is based on a false point of view. Thoughtfulness with tuberculosis is not the cause of the disease, but the result. Weight loss is important for recovery from "acute" disease, and nature provides that such a patient reduces the weight regardless of the amount of food intake. Indeed, a patient with typhoid fever loses weight and strength with a normal diet faster than with fasting. A starving patient recovers faster and more reliably in the process of long-term fasting than when taking the usual amount of “good nutritious food.” At the same time, such a patient loses less weight during the fasting than when eating.

Loss of weight during fasting means the loss not of vital tissues, but of excess food, waste, fat, etc.
n. A person simply loses so many pounds of "diseases." Muscle size decreases. But this is the result of a decrease in the amount of fat in them and a decrease in cell size. With normal fasting, the number of muscle cells does not actually decrease.

Tuberculosis quite often develops in full-blooded and well-fed people. Professor Morgulis rightly writes: “As a social phenomenon, malnutrition is not just a matter of insufficient or inappropriate nutrition. It is an ominous combination of the destructive effects of poverty - overcrowding, lack of clothing, unhealthy, unhygienic environment. on such a fertile soil, tuberculosis gathers its terrible harvest. "

Weight, lost during fasting, is quickly restored, if you do it with desire. There is no danger in losing weight.
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There is no danger in losing weight.

  1. Acquisition and weight loss during fasting
    The cat loses weight and becomes thin when the kittens are nursing, even if it is healthy and has enough nutrition. She becomes rounded by the time she is ready to become pregnant again. Her fabrics themselves will be claimed in order to supply the young with food. And the cat has no evidence that weight loss harms her in any way. This is very similar to what is observed when
  2. Look, mommy, no Excel!
    I am sure that you did not create the schedule for the first time, but I am ready to bet that you did it for the first time without the help of a computer *. Of course, we started with a spreadsheet created on a computer, but did not use anything in our work. Why? The fact is that if we allow the machine to make decisions about the coordinate system - the critical part in the process of creating meaningful
  3. Principle No. 1. No Revolutions.
    You should not strive for quick results. As practice shows, they are not useful and persistent. At first, it is normal to drop a kilogram per week, then a pound. Under a categorical ban full starvation. The fact is that it is a huge stress for the body. After a person stops fasting, the body will surely get and overtake everything that he has not received before.
  4. What will happen, if only to write a treatise, and no action is taken
    It is very likely that nothing will happen. You wrote a written, but did not begin to play, and the Universe can perceive it as a delayed action. That is, when the hour of X comes, then we will do everything that we have in mind. But it will not come, we will not do it. But it also happens that your intention to change something in your life is so clear and strong that what you want begins to be fulfilled right in the process of writing.
    We now turn to the characteristics of the optimal nutrition program for successful weight loss and weight maintenance. We want to draw your attention. If everything is selected correctly, then there will be no problems with food. As they were not with the loads and mood. And vice versa. If you feel discomfort, severe unpleasant hunger, experience prohibitions, then something is wrong with your eating plan.
  6. ABC weight loss
    And Alcohol. The World Health Organization recommends the rejection of alcoholic beverages for the entire period of weight loss. Alcohol disarms the center of hunger, removes conscious control and provokes overeating. Each person has their own individual threshold of sensitivity to alcohol, so we recommend that you refrain from taking alcohol until you reach the cherished figure.
  7. Nomogram to determine the ideal weight of the child
    {foto43} Scale H - height, scale W - body weight of the child, G - deviation from the ideal weight in percent. Connect the figure of height and the point “0” on the G scale with a ruler, then on the body mass scale you will find the ideal child weight. By connecting the value of height and real weight, find the percentage deviation from
  8. Hard "No"
    I often meet on the Internet statements in the spirit: "To lose weight dramatically, you need to give up just three products!". It is usually proposed to remove from the diet bread, sugar and, for example, butter. These ads look very tempting: it would seem, eat as much as you want all the other products and lose weight. But believe me, it does not happen. A person loses weight from what he gets from food less energy than he
  9. There is no alternative
    Many diseases are primarily social diseases, and hypertension is no exception. Therefore, everyone has the right to know about the clinical examination, the outcome of hypertension. Everyone should understand that there are no absolutely harmless drugs. And with hypertension, they not only reduce blood pressure, but also have a detrimental effect on many organs and body systems. En masse
  10. First changes in baby weight
    In the first few days after birth, the baby may lose up to 10% of its weight at birth. With the arrival of milk, the child begins to gain weight. Within 10 days he must return to his weight at birth. Children who are fed from birth at their request lose less weight than children who are fed on a schedule. In addition, they quickly gain their previous weight. The child must dial his
  11. Weight gain (growth rates)
    What weight gain should I expect from my breastfed baby? Weight gain depends on heredity and character as much as on nutrition, so variations in normal weight gain have a very wide range. Children with different body structures have different metabolic rates and therefore burn calories in different ways. Children with a long thin body (we have them
  12. Methods for estimating weight and height in infants
    At birth: {foto42} Weight increase quarterly: On the day (g) Per month (g) Per quarter (g) 1 square. 25 750 2300 2 square meters. 23 700 2100 3 square meters. 18 550 1600 4 square. 18 550 1600 4 square. 12 350 1000 For a year 7000 g Anchor points 3.5-4.5 months - weight doubling (6800-7000) 6 months - 8200 g 9 months - 9500 g 12 months - 10.2 g An empirical method of calculating weight in children
  13. Normal Size and Weight Tables
    To judge at the opening of a change in the volume or size of an organ, it is necessary to know the size of normal organs. Since the magnitude of normal organs is highly variable, various authors provide various information. In the following tables, A.I. Abrikosov, the size and weight of normal organs are borrowed from various sources and can only be indicative. We have personal experience only in
  14. Fixing the desired weight
    First of all, let's agree that your normal weight is the weight in which you feel comfortable, it is the weight in which you like yourself. Therefore, it is useless to “customize” your body to any journal parameters and standardization formulas. But it’s possible and even necessary to decide in advance on the number of desired kilograms. Remember that normally every five years after the age of 25
  15. Rule number 4. Experiments - yes, extremes - no!
    I think, having read how many options for clothes for plump girls, many of you were somewhat surprised: someone probably put a cross on jeans, tunics or kimono long ago. Many pyshechki hesitate to wear pants, but with great pleasure I recommend them to anyone who wants to look slimmer than it really is. It is only necessary to choose a model that fits perfectly on the figure and will emphasize
    Philosophy in the East is the art of studying the structure of the infinite Universe, the Kingdom of Heaven. Her only goal is to help a person understand this structure and order so that he can achieve freedom, happiness, health for himself. Since this theory is not only dialectical, but also paradoxical and deep, I have simplified it to such an extent that everyone can understand it. The cornerstone of all Eastern religions -
  17. Why do some pictures work and others not?
    Over the years, helping people solve problems with pictures, I was often surprised that some types of pictures helped clarify the situation, while others only worsened understanding. This is not related to the quality of the pictures. For example, people in diagram A were drawn much more accurately than the outlines of the figures in diagram B, but this did not help make diagram A easier to understand. It did not have
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