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1. What diseases can be transmitted to humans with meat from sick animals?

a) brucellosis; c) tuberculosis; e) hepatitis; h) tularemia; i) cholera.

b) syphilis; d) anthrax; g) foot and mouth disease; j) plague;

2. Which animal meat can cause trichinosis infection?

a) cattle; d) a ram;

b) pigs; e) wild boar;

c) a bear; g) a rabbit.

3. What diseases can be transmitted to a person with milk and dairy products?

a) brucellosis; g) foot and mouth disease;

b) dysentery; e) flu;

c) tuberculosis; g) ascariasis.

4. What kind of helminthic diseases can be the source of fish?

a) finnosis; g) trichinosis;

b) echinoccosis; e) opisthorchiasis.

c) diphyllobotriz;

5. Where is the meat of brucellosis-infected cattle used?

a) in trade;

b) in the production of canned food;

d) in catering after neutralization;

d) in the production of sausages.

6. What infections can be transmitted with eggs and egg products?

a) brucellosis; d) tularemia;

b) dysentery; e) salmonellosis;

c) tuberculosis; g) yersiniosis.

7. Is the goal of state supervision and control of quality and food safety the prevention of poisoning in catering establishments (Yes / No)?

8. Are unscheduled inspections of food facilities conducted during the investigation of food poisoning (Yes / No)?

9. Is the survey of catering facilities by the representatives of the Center for Central Statistical Analysis ending with an act that is certified by the signatures of the commission members (Yes / No)?

10. Product research is carried out in the laboratories of the bodies of state supervision and control (Yes / No)?

11. Are all catering facilities allowing for sanitary inspection to be requested by the prosecutor's office and the court (Yes / No)?

12. Water supply of public catering enterprises can be carried out:

a) from a centralized drinking water supply system;

b) from an artesian well;

c) on imported tap water?

13. The warehouse of public catering facilities should be provided:

a) natural light;

b) supply and exhaust ventilation;

c) sewage?

14. Where should her cleaning equipment be stored:

a) in closed cabinets;

b) in wall niches;

c) in the lobby of catering?

15. The deratization of public catering enterprises is a set of measures to combat:

a) with cockroaches, ants, flies;

b) with microbes (pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic);

c) with mice, rats?

16. To a greater extent, sanitary tables meet the production tables:

a) all-metal with stainless steel caps;

b) wooden, upholstered with duralumin;

c) with a wooden lid without coating with a waterproof material?

17. In hygienic terms, kitchen utensils made from:

a) aluminum, duralumin;

b) iron, copper;

c) cast iron;

d) stainless steel?

To wash tableware manually, a catering facility should be provided:

a) three-nosed baths;

b) two-nosed baths;

c) four-nosed bathtubs?

19. Measurement of water temperature in the washing baths of dining rooms produce:

a) at breakfast;

b) at lunch;

c) for dinner?

20. Catering workers undergo a medical examination by a general practitioner and a dermatovenerologist:

a) once a year;

b) once a month;

c) once every 6 months?

21. Temporarily suspended from work with finished products persons, patients:

a) an open form of pulmonary tuberculosis;

b) AIDS;

c) tonsillitis?

22. Change of sanitary clothing should be made:

a) as it becomes soiled;

b) at least 1 time in 2 days;

c) at least 1 time per month?

23. People are not allowed to work at a catering enterprise:

a) not passed safety training;

b) not having personal medical books;

c) not having a full set of sanitary ware, sanitary shoes, sanitary accessories?

24. A sanitary passport for vehicles transported food products shall be issued by the TsGESEN body for a period of:

a) 1 year;

b) 2 years;

c) 6 months?

25. The duration of transportation of semi-finished products should be no more than:

a) 1 hour;

b) 2 hours;

c) 6 hours?

26. The results of the hygienic examination should be presented in the form of:

a) three forms of detention;

b) two forms of detention;

c) one form of detention?

27. It is allowed to store cutlets, meatballs, minced meat, fish and potato zrazy (without freezing) at the catering enterprise:

a) 48 hours from 0 to -2? C;

b) 24 hours from -2 to +2? C;

c) 12 hours from –2 to +2? C?

28. Defrosted meat at a public catering facility:

a) at a temperature from 0 to 6 ... 8? C;

b) at room temperature;

c) in warm water?

29. Thawed melange store:

a) 1 hour at 50 ° C;

b) 1/2 hour at 20 ° C;

c) can not be stored?

30. Shelf life of potato sulfates:

a) 48 hours at 4 ... 8? C;

b) 24 hours at 15 ... 17? C;

c) 12 h at 20? C?

31. The temperature in the middle of the meat during cooking should be:

a) 75? C;

b) 85? C;

c) 95? C?

32. Which fish is more susceptible to microbiological contamination:

a) oily;

b) skinny?

33. Vitamin C is stored in vegetables with:

a) frying;

b) steaming;

c) baking?

34. What is the mark during the marriage that a cook who has prepared “Ukrainian Borsch” with a slight undersalt will receive:

a) excellent;

b) good;

c) satisfactory?

35. What are the sanitary rules for storing the remaining food:

a) 24 hours from -2 to +2? C;

b) 12 hours no higher than 3 ° C;

c) 6 hours from +2 to +6? C?

36. What is the temperature of the second courses:

a) not lower than 75 ° C;

b) not lower than 65 ° C;

c) not lower than 50? C?
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  1. Test for self-discipline
    . The city center of Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision during the inspection of compliance with sanitary rules in the activity of the bakery revealed a number of violations. The company’s administration has developed measures aimed at eliminating existing violations. What kind of control can this activity be attributed to? A - state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance B - public control B -
  2. Associate Professor of the Department of Medical and Preventive Disciplines Zemlyansky O. A. .. INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS PROGRAM ON THE DISCIPLINE OF MICROBIOLOGY, VIROLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY, 2002
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    Take this test with your child and discuss the results with your healthcare provider.
    Direct quantification of personality parameters is not always possible, therefore, science also uses indirect quantification, the indirect measurement of personality parameters using tests. What is a test and how can they measure a person? Test / from English. test - task, test / - personality research method based on its assessment according to the results of a standardized task, test, test
    Age psychology is a discipline that prepares a practical psychologist for age-psychological counseling, the most important stage of which is the study of the psychological conditions for the formation of a child in the family. We bring to your attention 5 types of relations between parents and their child, highlighted by A.Ya. Varga and V.V. Stolin. Study carefully the psychological characteristics of each
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    Answer the following questions and evaluate your condition on a ten-point scale: 1 point - absolutely no or almost none, 10 points - happens every day or corresponds to 100%. Circle the appropriate score. The more points you have, the more you need to carry out any kind of detox program. After the program, I will offer you to take this test again,
  7. Test number 4. Additional toxin screening
    As a rule, most people who do not suffer from diseases or disorders, who feel well and want to maintain this condition, conduct a purification once a year. Now I suggest that you again take the test that you already met at the beginning of the book. Answer, as before, the following questions and evaluate your condition on a ten-point scale: 1 point - categorically no or almost none,
  8. C. Thomas behavior test
    In our country, the test is adapted by N.V. Grishina for the study of personal predisposition to conflict behavior. In his approach to the study of conflict phenomena, C. Thomas emphasized a change in the traditional attitude toward conflict. Pointing out that the term “conflict resolution” was widely used in the early stages of their study, he emphasized that the term implied that conflict
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    Instructions You will be offered a pair of opposing statements. Your task is to choose one of the two statements, which, in your opinion, is more true, and mark one of the numbers 1, 2, 3, depending on how confident you are in the choice (or 0, if both statements are in your look equally true). {foto32} Despite the small volume of the questionnaire (20 points), with
  10. Test number 10. Temple of Astarte
    “And now, Dr. Pender, what are you going to tell us?” The old priest smiled shyly. “My life went on in quiet places,” he began, “and very few events have crossed my life path.” Although once, being a very young man, a strange and tragic incident happened to me. It throws me into a shiver. Since then, I no longer laugh at people who
  11. Test No. 8. Evidence of Prophecy
    Tsar Vasily III decided to forcibly cut his wife, Solomony, as a nun, in order to marry Elena Glinsky. At the same time, he requested, as was appropriate at that time, blessings for the new marriage of the patriarchs of Constantinople, Alexandria and Jerusalem. All three answered the king with a unanimous refusal. The patriarch of Jerusalem, Mark, explained the reason how it was revealed to the church fathers: “If you dare
  12. Test number 6. The Little Prince
    This is where the Fox appeared. “Hello,” he said. “Hello,” the Little Prince answered politely and looked around, but he saw no one. “I'm here,” a voice was heard, “under an apple tree ...” “Who are you?” Asked the Little Prince. “How beautiful you are!” “I am the Fox,” said the Fox. “Play with me,” the Little Prince asked. “I'm so sad ...” “I can't play with you,” said Fox. “I'm not tamed.” - Ah,
  13. Test No. 4. Stop technique
    Stop exercise is mandatory for all students of the Institute of Mages. In this exercise, by the “Stop” command or by a predetermined signal, Each student must instantly stop any movement, no matter what he does and in whatever position he is. In the middle of rhythmic movements or in the normal life of the institute, at work or at the table, he not only has to stop his movements, but he must
  14. Test number 3. The miracle of the fakir
    Once, on an early tropical wonderful morning, our ship plowed the waters of the Indian Ocean, approaching the island of Ceylon. Passengers, mostly English, traveling with their families to the duty station or on business of their Indian colonies, with astonished faces peered eagerly into the distance, looking with their eyes for the magical island, about which almost all of them had been heard from childhood from the stories of travelers.
  15. Chastity Trap Test
    1. In life I am most lacking ... 2. Most of all in life I am happy. 3. Most of the time I devote. 4. When I pay more attention to entertainment, my work ... 5. I feel guilty about that. 6. I worry about that. 7. If my dreams come true, then my family. 8. I am hurting myself to others. 9. If I allow myself to feel this, then I am angry that. 1. One
  16. Appendix 8 AUDIT Test (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)
    The AUDIT test was developed by WHO and has been widely used for over 30 years to detect alcohol-related disorders, such as the alcoholism screening test. In the table, select one of the answer options for each question and write down a score corresponding to this answer. Summarize all scores and compare with the test score scale. AUDIT Test Scale 1-7 Points - Safe
    The purpose of the test is to identify the validity of the motives for choosing the profession of a psychologist, to assess the orientation of applicants to mastering the profession of a psychologist and the level of preparedness of applicants in the subject area of ​​a future profession. The test includes the following subtests: "Professional motivation"; “General Awareness"; "Professional competence." The content of the test items corresponds
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