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Why do you need medical gloves

• Gloves reduce the risk of occupational exposure by contact with patients or their secretions;

• Gloves reduce the risk of contamination of personnel’s hands with transient pathogens and their subsequent transfer to patients;

• Gloves reduce the risk of patients becoming infected with microbes, which are part of the resident flora of the hands of medical professionals.

In this way, gloves protect both the patient and the health worker, creating an additional barrier to potentially infectious microorganisms.

The use of gloves is recommended by manuals all over the world; they are an important component of the system of universal precautions and infection control in health facilities.
However, the presence of gloves, even of suitable size and quantity, does not in itself guarantee their proper use.

Unfortunately, medical professionals sometimes neglect the use or change of gloves, even in cases where it is absolutely necessary. This practice can significantly increase the risk of transmission of microorganisms from one patient to another patient or medical professional.

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Why do you need medical gloves

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