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Duda V.I., Duda V.I., Duda I.V. Gynecology, 2004
In the textbook, all gynecology is presented in five sections: general issues (propaedeutics and principles of the treatment of gynecological diseases, contraception, abortion, infertility, etc.); inflammatory diseases of the genitals; gynecological endocrinology; hyperplastic and tumorous diseases; operative gynecology. All changes and achievements in the field of gynecology and related disciplines in world and domestic science and practice are taken into account. The volume of the textbook has been expanded due to operative gynecology, which was not previously described in traditional textbooks.

For students, residents and graduate students of higher medical educational institutions, students of postgraduate courses.
General issues of gynecology
Methods of examination of gynecological patients
Ultrasound diagnostics
Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the lower parts of the genitals
Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the upper genitalia
Female genital tuberculosis
Inflammatory diseases of the genitals in girls
Endocrine structures and reproduction system
Endocrine structures and their role in the regulation of the reproductive system
Physiology and pathology of sexual development
Reproductive diseases
Menstrual cycle pathology
Pathology of the period of withering reproductive function
Gynecological endocrine diseases that occur in various age periods of a woman’s life
Hyperplastic and dystrophic processes of the external genital organs and vagina
Background processes
Uterine appendages diseases
Uterine fibroids
Malignant diseases of the female genital organs
Small gynecological operations
Uterine surgery

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