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Lectures. Obstetrics and Perinatology Program, 2009
Organization of the women's consultation. Clinical observation of pregnant women. The structure and organization of work of the obstetric hospital. Sanitary antiepidemic regimen in an obstetric hospital. Fetus and its size. Obstetric studies (examination methods for pregnant women and women in childbirth). Anesthesia of labor. Physiology of the neonatal period. Multiple pregnancy. Pathology of the amniotic fluid (low water, high water). Births in old, young primiparous and multiparous. Early toxicosis. Late gestosis. DIC in obstetrics. Narrow pelvis. Asynclitic insertions of the head. Incorrect head position. Pregnancy and birth management for cardiovascular diseases, anemia, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis. Placental insufficiency. Hypoxia of the fetus and asphyxia of the newborn. Perinatal morbidity and mortality. Perinatal infection. Generic maternal injuries. Immunological incompatibility between mother and fetus. Pregnancy overriding. Premature birth; Anomalies of labor; Caesarean section; Obstetric forceps and vacuum extraction; Destructive surgery. Small obstetric operations. Incorrect fetal position. Operations correcting the position of the fetus. Obstetric twists. Removing the fetus from the pelvic end. Purulent-inflammatory postpartum diseases. Generalized postpartum infectious diseases. Lactational mastitis.

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