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Lectures on immunology

Immunology Lecture 2011
Immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy. Immunity and immunopathology. Methods for the study of the immune system. Immunocorrection methods. Ontogenesis of the immune system. Critical periods in the development of the immune system. Immunopathology type 2. The mechanisms of cytolysis. Immune hemolytic anemia. Diseases caused by immune complexes (type 3 immunopathological reactions). Characteristics of immune complex inflammation. Nosological forms of the disease. Diseases caused by the 4th type of immunopathological reactions. Immunopathogenesis. Nosological forms of the disease. Type 5 immunopathological tissue damage. Immunopathogenesis of Graves disease, myasthenia gravis. Molecular basis of apoptosis. Starting signals: inducers and inhibitors of apoptosis. Effects of apoptosis. The role of apoptosis in the development of immunopathology. Morphological manifestations of apoptosis The mechanism of apoptosis

Educational research work

Introduction to immunology. Structure and functional organization of the immune system 2011
UIRS in immunology Volgograd State Medical University. Russia, year of implementation 2011, 36 pages. List of headings: History of the development of immunology as a science. The subject and objectives of immunology. Achievements of immunology. The structure and role of the bone marrow in the activity of the immunology of the system. The structure and role of the thymus in the activity of the immune system. The structure and role of the spleen in the activity of the immune system. The structure and role of lymph nodes in the activity of the immune system. The structure and role of lymphoid tissue in the immune system. The origin, the main stages of differentiation and types of immunocompetent cells. Literature.

abstract Biotechnical products to otdimannya vaccines, diagnostic and medical preparations 2011
Intro. The obsession of modern diagnostic preparations. Biotechnical products to otrimannya lіkuvalnih preparations. Biotechnology vakin. Visnovki. Perelіk posilyan.
abstract Immunity 2010
Introduction, Immunity, Antigens, Immune System Organs, Cellular and Humoral Immunity Indicators, Immune Response, Immunity Regulation, Functional System for Maintaining the Constancy of Body Cells, Conclusion.
abstract "Cytokines" 2010
Mechanism of action Classification Functions

abstract Immunity of the child's body. Immune relationship of mother and fetus. 2009
Introduction 1 Immunity ………………………………………………………………………… .4 Age peculiarities of children's immunity Critical periods of development of immunobiological reactivity Enhancing child's immunity Immune attitude of mother and fetus Conclusion References
Teaching guide

Allergy. Mediator type gt. Diagnostic methods 2009
Reflected the issues of classification, immunopathogenesis mediator type GNT. Details are considered characteristics, patterns of formulation and application of modern diagnostic methods.

Designed for students of the 2nd course of all faculties.

Voronkova E.G., Voronkov E.G. Guide to practical classes in immunology 2005
Immunology as an independent scientific discipline has recently been fairly included in the curriculum of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry at the Gorno-Altai State University. At the same time, there is a clear lack, and even the mere absence of relevant literature. This led to the compilation of guidelines for this discipline. The basis for the preparation of guidelines was modern scientific materials on molecular biology, genetics, virology, cytology, embryology, which dealt with the problems of molecular and cellular immunology, issues of particular manifestations of immunity and its disorders. The methodological manual is constructed in such a way that it combines a short course of lectures with elements of practical exercises and seminar issues. In addition, the manual contains a large number of diagrams and drawings that allow you to present the mechanisms of immune responses. In developing some lessons by the author, the experience of teaching immunology among students of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry of the Gorno-Altai State University was used.
Adelman D. Immunology 1993
Introduction to immunology. Basic ideas about allergic reactions of immediate type. Airborne allergens and adverse environmental factors. Treatment of allergic diseases. Allergic diseases of the nose and ear. Eye disease. Bronchial asthma. Lung disease. Allergic skin diseases. Urticaria and angioedema. Anaphylactic reactions. Allergy to insect poisons. Drug allergies. Food allergies. Autoimmune diseases. Immunohematology. Transplant immunity. Primary immunodeficiencies. HIV infection. Immunodiagnosis. Immunoprophylaxis. Immunological methods for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
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