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Hypothesis # 5: HIV was obtained in Pentagon laboratories.

According to one of the versions, which is not proven, but not refuted, HIV was obtained in the 70s in Pentagon laboratories as a result of genetic engineering manipulations to cross a virus that affects a sheep's brain and a virus that damages the human immune system. For the first time, this was talked about during the period of “perestroika” in some media outlets, but they did not pay attention to these publications or considered it to be just another newspaper “duck”. However, some of the reports relied on serious research, which unequivocally or with a high degree of accuracy indicated that the AIDS virus was created artificially.
In 1987, the Swiss newspaper "Voken Zeitung", referring to the analysis of a number of American documents, published a material with the characteristic name "Traces lead to a gene laboratory." The documents show that in 1969 one of the employees of the US Department of Defense announced in the budget commission

Congress, that his department outlined the development of a new biological warfare substance that can suppress the human immune system.

In a sensational statement, specific deadlines for the work from 5 to 10 years were mentioned.
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Hypothesis # 5: HIV was obtained in Pentagon laboratories.

  1. Hypothesis number 4: HIV appeared due to the mistakes of scientists
    Not long ago, a sensation swept the world: an English researcher Edward Hopeor wrote in his book “The River” that HIV became widespread due to the mistake of American and Belgian scientists, who in the early 50s worked on creating a polio vaccine. Chimpanzee liver cells suspected to contain the SIV virus (HIV analog) were used to produce the vaccine. Vaccine
  2. Hypothesis # 3: HIV has always existed.
    Many researchers consider AIDS is the birthplace of Central Africa. This hypothesis is divided, in turn, into two versions. The first version claims that the virus has long existed and circulated in areas isolated from the outside world, for example, in tribal settlements lost in the jungle. And over time, when the population migration increased, the virus broke out and began to spread. it
  3. My husband was the youngest child in the family, and before we met, he lived with his mother. When he was just a kid, their father left the family.
    Now his mother does not accept me and blames me for everything, sometimes even calls me a liar and ill-mannered. I understand that the spouse cannot but visit the mother, but I cannot agree with his demand to visit and respect her too. What should I do? From what you said it follows that your spouse and mother-in-law suffer from an oedipal complex. Their relationship is built on the type of "man - woman" than the type
  4. The general concept of HIV infection and HIV prevention in surgery
    Human immunodeficiency virus Virus from the group of retroviruses. Parasitic in human cells having a cell receptor DM-4 (mainly cells of the lymphoid series). The virus is little resistant to the effects of active environmental factors, for example, at a temperature of 56 degrees C, it is inactivated for half an hour, at a temperature of 100 degrees C, for 1 to 2 minutes. At the same time in frozen
  5. Abstract. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), 2011
    This essay contains fairly complete information on the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as well as on the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). The material is given in a fairly clear, interesting form and is suitable for a report on any course, any university, any specialty. Content: 1. Introduction 2. What is AIDS 3. Medical History and HIV 4. Hypothesis # 1: Monkeys are to blame for everything 5.
  6. Who will not succeed
    From those who will "learn to figure skating lying on the couch," that is, trying to join us only mentally, not bodily. For those who say: “No, we don’t intend to change our habits! We are accustomed to our volumes of food, movement and rest, and this cannot be changed at all! ”It is unlikely that it will be possible for those who, in my recommendations, will look for inconsistencies with what they know themselves and for millet,
  7. Plant General Laboratories
    The plant-wide laboratory includes the following laboratories: chemical, chemical-technological, metallurgy, assembly and installation, repair of measuring instruments and sanitary. When working in a chemical laboratory, the main substances released during analysis are acids - sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloride (hydrochloric acid). The chemical technology laboratory includes groups
  8. Who will succeed
    100% guarantee - for those who are ready to change and change their habits, not only food. For those who will rise from the sofa, on which it is so sweet to dream about yourself - a slender beauty with satin skin and lush hair, under a coffee with a bun, and will take care of himself in reality, and not in virtuality or mentally. Another prerequisite: do not compare the new information that you get with
  9. Who was Freud?
    Like all great doctors, Sigmund Freud, who discovered psychoanalysis, was interested in curing the sick and in researching the causes of their illnesses so that others could prevent such illnesses. He dedicated his life to these goals, trying to help people, just like the great therapist William Osler and the great neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, trying to find the means that would give others such an opportunity
  10. Save millions to get pennies
    The impact of toxins on the body gives rise to a whole complex of different reactions, and not one reaction, the same for each and every one. Chronic nutritional deficiencies, ironically, aggravate another global medical problem of our time - overeating and obesity. When the body loses certain minerals it needs, it stops sending saturation signals to the brain.
    The device and mode of operation of the mycological laboratory should ensure the prevention of the dispersion of pathological material in the environment in order to avoid infection, allergization and the spread of infection among staff and patients. The laboratory must have a specific set of facilities, including a room (or a specially equipped place) for receiving and recording analyzes,
  12. Taking and transporting faecal samples to the laboratory
    A rubber glove hand takes about 100 g of faeces from the rectum of animals or that have just been excreted during a bowel movement. In the latter case, take a sample from the top of excrement, not in contact with the floor or soil. Hand and tweezers after taking each sample thoroughly washed. Samples from small animals are taken with a pear. Rotate the tip of the pear injected into the rectum. With
  13. Sher B. The ability to desire: how to get what you really want, 1984

  14. Hypothesis # 1: Monkeys are to blame
    The very first and perhaps the most plausible hypothesis about the nature of HIV is associated with monkeys; more than 20 years ago, Dr. Bette Corbert from the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory (New Mexico, USA) expressed it. According to this hypothesis, the precursor of HIV got into human blood from chimpanzees; It happened in the thirties of the past century. It could happen quite simply - from a bite
    Article 5.8.1. Subject Prevention of the introduction and spread of animal diseases caused by pathogenic pathogens. Article 5.8.2. Introduction 1. Bringing into the country of an infectious disease, a pathogenic pathogen of animal origin or a new strain of a pathogenic pathogen of animal origin, for which it is safe, can lead to
  17. I found out that my wife had an affair with another man.
    I forgave her for this. How to preserve our relationship and will I be able to love her as before, knowing that another man possessed her? You think you have forgiven her love adventure, but in your heart you have not yet forgiven her. You have forgiven the mind. I feel that you sincerely want to forgive her, but finally you have not yet forgiven her, otherwise you would not have asked this question and you would not have been tormented by the thought that there was
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