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abstract Coma 2010
The concept of coma, types of coma, the depth of coma, cerebral coma, principles of care, diabetic coma, uremic coma, hepatic coma, principles of emergency care for comatose conditions
Crib Tests: nursing in anesthesiology and resuscitation 2010
Federal State Educational Institution "All-Russian Educational, Scientific and Methodological Center for Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development" Basic test tasks for advanced training courses for secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers in the direction of "Nursing in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation"
Vertkin A.L. Ambulance: a guide for paramedics and nurses 2010
This guide is dedicated to the algorithms of actions of nursing staff: ambulance paramedics and nurses of polyclinics and emergency departments of the in-patient department, depending on the success of which in the first hours of the development of the disease depends on a particular prognosis. The manual summarizes the basic concepts and definitions adopted in emergency medicine, the basic provisions on the status of a paramedic (nurse), the main types of regulatory violations by the medical personnel of the emergency medical service, the rights and obligations of the patient who applied for emergency medical care, the main types of liability of medical workers who provide emergency care.
Zakharenko O.V. Emergency medical care. Symptoms, first aid at home 2010
This reference book tells about first aid. The descriptions of the main diagnostic signs indicating the pathological condition, the main methods and means of therapy are given, information about allergies, behavioral abnormalities, diseases of the internal organs, musculoskeletal system and many other things are given.
Miroshnichenko A.G., Ruksina V.V., Shaitor V.M. Ambulance: a quick guide 2010
The publication is a short guide to the provision of emergency medical care for adults and children. The manual was compiled on the basis of recommendations approved as the professional standards of the All-Russian public organization “Russian Society of Emergency Medical Aid”. The scope of implementation of recommendations in each specific case should be determined on the basis of the features of the emergency course, the type and equipment of the brigade, the composition and qualification of personnel. Designed for doctors and paramedics stations (departments) emergency medical care, medical experts.
Burlak MP, Yakovlev G.I. Guidelines for the provision of emergency medical care 2009
Frostbite and general hypothermia. Electric shock. Burns Gastroenterology. Endocrinology. Nephrology. Cardiology. Pulmonology Drowning. Blood biochemical parameters. Symptoms, first aid, first aid, first medical aid, specialized medical care.
abstract First aid for fractures. 2009
First aid for bone fractures, General, Assistance
abstract First aid for heart attacks 2009
Heart attack, Symptoms, Angina, First Aid, Heart failure, Shock,
abstract Shock 2009
Abstract on "Shock." The main vital functions of the body. Health care.
abstract Causes, symptoms, first aid with fainting. Prevention. 2009
Syncope, Signs of syncope. First aid.
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