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Lectures The history of pharmacy: a course of lectures and a collection of practical problems 2009
The course of lectures is presented under the special secondary education system. Contains material on the course "History of Pharmacy".

Methodical development is accompanied by material for practical tasks in the subject.
Methodical instructions History of medicine 2009
The history of medicine as a science and academic discipline Primitive society: the origins of empirical healing Great powers of the Ancient East: features of healing and medicine (IV millennium BC - V in AD) Medicine of civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean (end of III millennium BC .e. - 5th century AD.) Medicine of the Early and Classical Middle Ages: Stages of the Formation of the Scientific Direction (5th - 15th Centuries) Medicine of the Late Middle Ages: Adoption of Experienced Knowledge and Clinical Observation -biological direction (XVIII - on Chalo XX century.) Clinical medicine of the New time (XVIII - early XX century.) The main aspects of the development of medicine of the newest time Medicine at the present stage Formation and development of the medical business of the Penza region Applications
THEM. Razdorskaya, S.P. Schavelev Essays on the history of pharmacy Release first The birth of a healer and his pharmacy: ancient civilizations 2006
The textbook summarizes the experience of teaching the history of pharmacy and management in the field of drug management, as well as relevant moments of philosophy and culturology at the pharmaceutical department of Kursk State Medical University in the 1990s - 2000s. The main periods and civilizational types of medicinal healing in the history of mankind are highlighted. A variety of factual and conceptual material has been compiled on how carriers of different cultural traditions have protected health and fought illnesses; what social roles did healers play in particular epochs of world history, within the framework of various types of society. Compared with the course of the history of medicine, the emphasis is on the pharmacological and pharmaceutical aspects of healing in all the diversity of their cultural and historical forms and personifications.

For students and teachers of medical school, all interested in the social anthropology of medicine and pharmacy in the past and present.
Sozinov A.S., Guryleva M.E., Pospelova E.Yu. History of Medicine: Methodical recommendations for practical exercises 2005
Guidelines are designed to assist students of KSMU in preparing for practical exercises in the course history of medicine. The annex contains topics of coursework, questions to offset, excerpts from texts of historical sources
Course work Course work 2004
Pharmacy in the era of Peter The development of pharmacy in Russia in the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. The development of domestic pharmacy in the 18th century. Pharmaceuticals in Russia before the 18th century Pharmaceutical Order Peter's reforms Preparing pharmacy workers in the 18th century Russian pharmaceutical literature of the 18th century Military and civilian pharmacopoeias.
S.M. Marchukova Medicine in the mirror of history 2003
The book talks about the emergence and development of medical knowledge, the perception of human health and well-being in the cultures of the countries of the Ancient East, the ancient world, the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Details considered the features of medicine of ancient Egypt, China, India and Tibet, much attention is paid to the presentation of the foundations of Greek and Roman medicine and its relationship with Greek philosophy, the story of the Indian and ancient traditions in the teachings of Avicenna and other Arab doctors. The history of the development of medieval medicine in the context of Christian culture, the formation of the anatomy of the New Age in the writings of A. Vesalius is outlined. A separate chapter is devoted to the medical concepts of ancient Russia. The book concludes with information about the origin of medical symbols. At the end of each chapter, questions and tasks are marked, which will help to use the book as an additional material to biological and historical disciplines, and will increase the general cultural orientation of education. An accessible and entertaining form of presentation, a large number of illustrations make the book interesting not only for schoolchildren, students and teachers, but also for a wider range of readers.
Report History of medicine 1996
Syrkin A.M.- “Vladimir Nikitich Vinogradov at a lecture and on the round”, Historical Bulletin of the Moscow Medical Academy named after IM Sechenov Volume 4, Moscow. Introduction Scientific and practical work of Vladimir Nikitich Vinogradov. Pedagogical activity of Vladimir Nikitich Vinogradov. Conclusion
U.I. Karimov, E.U. Khurshut (ed.) Abu Ali Ibn Sina Canon of medical science. Selected sections 1993
On the definition of the concept of medicine. About elements. About natures. About juices. About the nature of the organ and its parts. About forces. About diseases, about their common causes and manifestations. About causes. About pulse. About urination and excrement. About education. About the mode, the general for people who have reached manhood. About sleep and wakefulness. About the mode moved in years. About relocation. About the mode of travelers. On the methods of treatment in general. Instruction on how to start the treatment. Diseases of the head. About headaches, that is, about the types of headaches. Diseases of the nerves. Eye diseases. Heart diseases. Kidney diseases. Bladder diseases. Dilation of the veins. Pain in the organs. Signs of natures of seed organs. Pregnancy and childbirth. and much more.
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