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abstract Modern principles of treatment of coronary heart disease 2012
Introduction Ischemic heart disease. Classification of ischemic heart disease Modern principles of treatment of coronary heart disease Conclusion List of used literature
Guidelines Algorithm for diagnosing and treating arrhythmias at the prehospital stage 2011
Sulimov VA The basic principles of differential diagnostics are briefly and clearly described in the methodology. algorithms of diagnostics. treatment, tactics of management and hospitalization of the main types of arrhythmia. often found in clinical practice.
Lecture Infective endocarditis 2011
Etiology and pathogenesis of IE, clinical classification of IE, clinic and diagnosis of IE, complications and outcomes of IE, treatment and prevention of IE.
F. I. Belyalov Arrhythmias of the heart: monograph 2011
The monograph deals with practical issues of diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disturbances and conduction. The book is based on modern recommendations of cardiac societies, the results of randomized controlled trials of antiarrhythmic drugs. The book is designed for cardiologists and therapists.
Babuntz IV, Mirajanyan E.M., Mashaheh Yu.A. ABC of heart rate variability analysis 2011
The book gives the mechanisms of heart rate regulation, methods for analyzing heart rate variability, functional tests with protocols, pediatric aspects.
Mesnik NG Get rid of hypertension forever! Decrease in pressure without drugs 2011
Nikolai Grigoryevich Mesnik - a doctor, a former hypertensive patient, and now the author of an integrated method of treating hypertension with non-medicament means.

Doctors say: there is no salvage from arterial hypertension, the disease can not be cured, it is possible to maintain pressure at an acceptable level only with the help of medicines. So doctors "put" patients on medicines, knowingly knowing that there will not be a cure. As a result, the disease and antihypertensive drugs, regardless of the person's passport age, turn his vessels into the vessels of a deep old man, and serious side effects from drugs are added to the underlying disease.

Stop! This is a dead-end road!

Nikolay Mesnik is convinced: hypertension is a disease that can and should be got rid of! And best of all - without the "help" of tablets. He was able to heal himself and now helps dozens, thousands of "hopelessly sick" people find their way to health. The feedback of grateful patients is the best confirmation of the effectiveness of his methods!

abstract Pacemakers 2011
History of the creation of pacemakers. EX - a medical device designed to affect the rhythm of the heart. The indications, contraindications for setting up the ECS are illuminated. The main functions of a pacemaker. Stimulator labeling system. Rules of conduct for a patient with a pacemaker. Classification of pacemakers. Installation: Implantation of a permanent pacemaker.
Turov AN, Belyalov FI, Lectures on arrhythmia 2011
Turov A.N. Syndrome WPW. Modern possibilities of catheter ablation in the treatment of tachyarrhythmias. Belyalov F.I. New approaches in the treatment of atrial fibrillation 2011. Turov A.N. Focus atrial arrhythmias. Belyalov F.I. Syndrome of the extended interval QT.
N. S. Veselkova, G. V. Matyushin, E. A. Savchenko and others. Cardiology: tests with standards of answers for preparation for the certification exam of doctors-cadets in the specialty 040122.05 / comp. 2011
Tests for preparation for the certification exam of cadet physicians on specialty 040122.05 cardiology are compiled in accordance with the State Educational Standard and are based on a standard program of postgraduate professional training of cardiologists
Lecture Heart murmurs 2010
Noises of the heart. The physical basis of the occurrence of heart murmurs. Characteristics of heart noises. Noise analysis scheme. Differentiation.
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