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abstract Cardiac arrhythmias 2010
Basic electrophysiological concepts. Pathogenesis. Diagnosis. Clinical significance. Treatment. Tahisystolic and ectopic arrhythmias. Bradisystolic arrhythmias and blockades.
abstract Angina pectoris 2010
Introduction. Varieties of angina pectoris. Symptoms of angina pectoris. Risk of angina pectoris development. Prevention of angina pectoris. How to identify angina without additional examinations? What laboratory tests should be done? Emergency care for angina pectoris. Treatment of angina pectoris.
abstract Cardiovascular diseases 2010
Acute congestive heart failure. Urgent care. Cardiac activity disorder. Rare heart contractions. Frequent contractions of the heart. Unrhythmic contractions of the heart. Myocardial infarction. Stroke. Heart massage. Resuscitation.
abstract Myocardial infarction 2010
Introduction Causes of myocardial infarction Symptoms of myocardial infarction Infarction forms Myocardial infarction development factors Prevention of myocardial infarction Probability of complication development of myocardial infarction Complications of myocardial infarction Diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction Urgent help with myocardial infarction Assistance before the arrival of "First Aid" with myocardial infarction Everyone should be Reanimated Treatment of myocardial infarction List of sources used
Graduate work Device for measuring blood flow velocity 2010
The work analyzes the literature, developed the fundamental functional and electrical circuits, and calculated one of the units of the device. The diploma includes chapters on ecology and economics.
Kryukov NN, Nikolaevsky EN, Polyakov VP Coronary heart disease (modern aspects of the clinic, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical rehabilitation, examination): Monograph. 2010
The book presents the conventional terminology, clinical classification, prevalence, features of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture and current flow of the most common forms of coronary heart disease and their complications - heart failure, rhythm disturbances and conduction. The data on clinical and laboratory-instrumental diagnostics of this pathology are considered. The methodology of conservative and surgical treatment, primary and secondary prevention, based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, is presented. The diagnostic efficiency of laboratory-instrumental screening is shown. The most significant clinical, laboratory, instrumental diagnostic criteria, indications and contraindications to conducting invasive methods of research and treatment, cardiosurgery operations are presented. Based on the literature data and own experience, a diagnostic and therapeutic tactic is defined, the main provisions of the examination of temporary disability and medical rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease are presented. The publication is intended for general practitioners, cardiologists, therapists. May be of undoubted interest for teachers, clinical residents, students and students of senior courses of medical universities at the rate of cardiology.
Cribs Methods for studying the functional state of the cardiovascular system 2009
Electrocardiography, phonocardiography, echocardiography, rheography, mechanocardiography, apexcardiography, kinetocardiography, roentgencardiography, etc.
Course work EHF - therapy. Application in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases 2009
Fundamentals of EHF-therapy Effects of EHF on cells Mechanism and application of EHF-therapy The use of EHF-therapy in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Recommendations of the Russian Medical Society on Arterial Hypertension and the All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension 2009
This document is based on the recommendations for the treatment of AH of the European Society for Arterial Hypertension (EOG) and the European Society of Cardiology (EOQ) 2007 and 2009, and the results of major Russian studies on the problem of AH. As well as in previous versions of recommendations, the value of AD is considered as one of the elements of the system of stratification of total (total) cardiovascular risk. When assessing the overall cardiovascular risk, a large number of variables are taken into account, but the value of AD is determinative because of its high prognostic significance. In this case, the blood pressure level is the most variable variable in the stratification system. Experience shows that the effectiveness of the doctor's actions in the treatment of each individual patient and the achievement of successes in controlling blood pressure among the general population of the country as a whole depends to a large extent on the consistency of actions between therapists and cardiologists, which is provided by a single diagnostic and treatment approach. It was this task that was considered to be the main one in the preparation of recommendations.
Weber VR, Gaevsky Yu.G., Shelekhova LI Arrhythmias. Algorithms for diagnosis and treatment. Atlas of ECG 2008
The fundamentals of electrocardiographic diagnosis, diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders, algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias are outlined. A general algorithm for decoding ECG, an atlas of electrocardiograms with their interpretation is also presented. It is intended for senior students of medical universities, interns, clinical residents and doctors.
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