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Abstract. Pacemakers, 2011
History of the creation of pacemakers. EX - a medical device designed to affect the rhythm of the heart. The indications, contraindications for setting up the ECS are illuminated. The main functions of a pacemaker. Stimulator labeling system. Rules of conduct for a patient with a pacemaker. Classification of pacemakers. Installation: Implantation of a permanent pacemaker.
Rules of conduct for a patient with a pacemaker

Books and textbooks on discipline Cardiology:

  1. Abstract. Modern principles of treatment of coronary heart disease - 2012
  2. Guidelines. Algorithm for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias at the prehospital stage - 2011
  3. Lecture. Infectious endocarditis - 2011
  4. F.I. Belyalov. Cardiac arrhythmias: monograph - 2011
  5. Babuntz IV, Mirajanyan E.M., Mashaheh A.A. ABC of the analysis of heart rate variability - 2011
  6. Mesnik NG. Get rid of hypertension forever! Decrease in pressure without medicines - 2011
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  9. Lecture. Heart murmurs - 2010
  10. Abstract. Heart arrhythmias - 2010
  11. Abstract. Angina pectoris - 2010
  12. Abstract. Cardiovascular diseases - 2010
  13. Abstract. Myocardial infarction - 2010
  14. Graduate work. Device for measuring blood flow velocity - 2010
  15. Kryukov NN, Nikolaevsky EN, Polyakov VP. Ischemic heart disease (modern aspects of the clinic, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical rehabilitation, expertise): Monograph. - 2010 year
  16. Cribs. Methods of studying the functional state of the cardiovascular system - 2009
  17. Course work. EHF - therapy. Application in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases - 2009
  18. Recommendations of the Russian Medical Society on Arterial Hypertension and the All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology. Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension - 2009
  19. Weber VR, Gaevsky Yu.G., Shelekhova L.I .. Arrhythmias. Algorithms for diagnosis and treatment. Atlas of ECG - 2008
  20. Edited by V.N. Kovalenko. Manual of Cardiology. Part 1 - 2008
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