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Mesnik N.G. Get rid of hypertension forever! Pressure reduction without drugs, 2011
Nikolai Grigorievich Mesnik - a doctor, a former hypertensive, and now the author of a comprehensive method of treating hypertension with non-pharmacological agents.

Doctors say: there is no escape from arterial hypertension, the disease cannot be cured, it is possible only with the help of drugs to maintain the pressure at an acceptable level. So the doctors "sit down" patients on drugs, knowing that recovery will not happen. As a result, the disease and antihypertensive drugs, regardless of the passport age of a person, turn his vessels into vessels of a deep old man, and the serious side effects of drugs are added to the underlying disease.

Stop! This is a dead end road!

Nicholas Mesnik is convinced: hypertension is a disease that can and should be eliminated! And best of all - without the "help" of pills. He was able to heal himself and now he helps tens, thousands of “hopelessly sick” people to find their way to health. Reviews of grateful patients - the best confirmation of the effectiveness of his technique!

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