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Skin and venereal diseases

Skin and Venereal Diseases

Rodionov A.N. Fungal diseases of the skin 2000
The second edition of the manual contains data on etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, modern methods of diagnosing fungal skin diseases. Particular attention is paid to differential diagnosis and prevention of superficial dermatomycosis. Modern means and methods of etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy are considered. A special chapter is devoted to the features of the course, diagnosis and therapy of dermatomycosis in HIV-infected patients.
abstract Venereal zahchyovandvnya 2000
Ponyattya about the venereal crooks. Перебіг сифілісу. Перебіг гонореї. Перебіг гонореї. Borotba with venereal swallows. Factories, but to deal with the struggle with venereal zahchyvovannami. SNID
A. N. Rodionov Syphilis 2000
History Epidemiology Etiology Pathogenesis Reinfection and superinfection with syphilis Classification of syphilis General principles of clinical diagnosis of syphilis Clinical manifestations of syphilis ...... .etc.
Yu.V. Sergeev, A.Yu. Sergeev Anemic fungal infections of nails 1998
The book is a modern guide to the diagnosis and treatment of onychomycosis - fungal infections of the nails. For the first time in detail the issues of etiology and pathogenesis are described, and a modern clinical classification of onychomycosis is given. The book outlines the principles of therapy of onychomycosis, describes all existing drugs and schemes for their use. Traditional methods of treatment are presented, as well as information on corrective therapy and prevention.

For dermatologists and doctors of other specialties, mycologists, pharmacists, students of medical institutes.
Lectures Skin and venereal diseases 1997
Anatomical and physiological features of the skin. Rash. Pyoderma, scabies, pediculosis. Allergic skin diseases. Fungal diseases of the skin. Bubble and bubble skin diseases. Diffuse diseases of connective tissue. Psoriasis. Diseases transmitted predominantly through sex. Secondary syphilis. Tertiary syphilis. Congenital syphilis. Serological diagnosis of syphilis. Treatment. Male gonorrhea
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