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M.B. Mirsky. History of Medicine and Surgery, 2010
The book outlines the stages of development of surgery (from the era of ancient civilizations to the era of modern times) in the context of all world medicine. The manual is written in the framework of the approved program of teaching at the course "History of Medicine" and is intended for students of medical universities and faculties, as well as graduate students and residents to pass the candidate's minimum. The training manual is supplemented with a CD containing an illustrative appendix with photographs and portraits of famous figures of medicine and surgery - scientists and doctors.

Books and textbooks on discipline History of medicine:

  1. Abstract. History of Medicine - 2012
  2. Abstract. History of Hematology Development - 2012
  3. Abstract. German doctor and bacteriologist Heinrich Robert Koch - 2012 year
  4. Abstract. Matvey Yakovlevich Mudrov - the great Russian scientist - 2011
  5. Abstract. Interesting discoveries in medicine - 2011
  6. Zheleznikova LI, Kolyado VB Kolyado EV, Slukhay E.Yu. History of Medicine - 2010
  7. Abstract. Medicine of the Peoples of America before and after the Conquest - 2010
  8. Course work. Andrey Vesaliy in the history of anatomy and medicine - 2010
  9. Referat. History of obstetrics development - 2010
  10. Lectures. History of Pharmacy: a course of lectures and a collection of practical tasks - 2009
  11. Methodical instructions. History of Medicine - 2009
  12. THEM. Razdorskaya, S.P. Shchavelev. Essays on the History of Pharmacy Issue First Birth of the Healer and His Pharmacy: Ancient Civilizations - 2006
  13. Sozinov AS, Guryleva ME, Pospelova E.Yu. History of medicine: Methodological recommendations for practical studies - 2005
  14. Course work. Coursework - 2004 year
  15. S. M. Marchukova. Medicine in the Mirror of History - 2003
  16. Report. History of Medicine - 1996
  17. Karimov U.I., Khurshut E.U. (comp.) Abu Ali ibn Sina. Canon of medical science. Selected sections - 1993
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