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Karimov U.I., Khurshut E.U. (comp.) Abu Ali ibn Sina. Canon of medical science. Selected Sections, 1993
On the definition of the concept of medicine. About elements. About natures. About juices. About the nature of an organ and its parts. About forces. About diseases, about their common causes and manifestations. About the causes. About the pulse. About urination and bowel movements. About education. About the regime common to people who have reached maturity. About sleep and wakefulness. About the mode of the advanced in years. On the change of place. On the mode of travelers. About treatment methods in general. An instruction about where to start treatment. Diseases of the head. About headaches, that is, about the types of headache. Diseases of the nerves. Diseases of the eyes. Diseases of the heart. Kidney Disease Bladder Disease Varicose veins. Pain in organs. Signs of the nature of the seminal organs. Pregnancy and childbirth. and much more.
About the definition of medicine
About natures
About juices
About forces
About diseases, about their common causes and manifestations
About the reasons
About the pulse
About urinating and defecating
About maintaining health
About education
About the regime common to people who have reached maturity
About treatment methods in general
Head disease
About headaches, that is, about the types of headache
Nerve disease
Eye diseases
Diseases of the chest
Stomach diseases

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  13. THEM. Razdorskaya, S.P. Sorrel. Essays on the History of Pharmacy Issue One Birth of a healer and his pharmacy: ancient civilizations - 2006
  14. Sozinov A.S., Guryleva M.E., Pospelova E.Yu .. History of medicine: Methodological recommendations for practical exercises - 2005
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  16. S.M. Marchukova. Medicine in the Mirror of History - 2003
  17. Report. History of Medicine - 1996
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