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TP Dyubkova Congenital and hereditary diseases in children (causes, manifestations, prevention) 2008
The manual contains a brief description of various forms of human hereditary pathology. Much attention is paid to the issues of prenatal diagnosis and prevention of congenital and hereditary diseases. The latest achievements in this field of knowledge are attracted. Control-teaching questions are proposed for better mastering of the topic. A brief glossary of terms is presented. It is intended for university students studying under the program "Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge". Can be used by students of medical universities
Asanov A.Yu. Fundamentals of Genetics and Hereditary Developmental Disorders in Children 2003
Textbook for students of higher pedagogical educational institutions. Biological foundations of human heredity. Cell theory. The structure of an animal cell. Basic organelles and their functions Egg and sperm Gametogenesis Fertilization and early stages of fetal ...
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