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Crib Neurology 2011
Reflex arc. Hematoma. Polyneuritis. Immediate disorders of cerebral circulation. Syphilis lesion. Primary muscular dystrophy. Spinal cord tumors. Brain tumors. Cerebellum. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Manganese, carbon monoxide. Ethyl alcohol. Arsenic. Mercury, lead poisoning. Bulbar, pseudobulbar syndrome. Alternating systems. Myotonic systems. Ischemic stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke. Multiple sclerosis. Sensitivity types. Sensitivity is private. Violation of consciousness. Face. Trinity. Brain injuries. Spinal cord lesions. Headache. Headaches. Plexopathy. Epilepsy.
abstract Parkinson's disease 2011
Parkinson's disease - definition History of study Epidemiology Etiology Environmental factors Oxidative hypothesis Pathogenesis: Pathological anatomy Pathological physiology Clinical picture Diagnosis Classification of parkinsonism and the frequency of occurrence of its individual forms of Parkinson's Stage by Hen and Yaru Treatment Prognosis
Test Cranial nerves 2011
NGPU, 4 course, special psychology. Types of cranial nerves, types of pathologies, methods for the study of pathologies of PM of nerves.
Test Features of a person's GNI. The development of speech in ontogenesis and its violations 2011
Fundamentals of neurophysiology and GNI. Features of the higher nervous activity of man. The main characteristics of speech in ontogenesis. The development of the phonetic-phonemic side of speech in ontogenesis. The development of the lexical-grammatical side of speech in children in ontogenesis. The development of coherent speech in children in ontogenesis. The main types of speech disorders. Violation of sound pronunciation. Alalia Dyslalia Speech impairment due to hearing loss. Stuttering. Rhinolalia Violation of the voice. Conclusion
abstract Traumatic brain injury 2011
Principles of staged treatment of victims with injuries of the skull and brain. Acute traumatic brain edema. Surgery wounded in the skull and brain. Imposing on a wound of a deaf seam. Principles of staged treatment of victims with closed injuries of the spine and spinal cord. Principles of staged treatment for injuries of the spine.
Methodical instructions Neuropsychiatric disorders 2011
These recommendations set forth the following training questions: The concept of neurosis, types, causes, signs, first aid »Neurasthenia. Hysteria. Psychasthenia (obsessive-compulsive disorder). The concept of mental illness, causes, signs, first aid. Reactive psychosis. Traumatic psychoses. Intoxication psychoses. Epilepsy, causes, signs, first aid and care for an epileptic seizure.
Review Review Issues of etiopathogenesis of cerebral palsy (CP) 2010
Abstract review of the state of the problem according to the literature until 1999. Summary: various definitions of cerebral palsy, brain and movement organization, ontogenesis, cerebral palsy as a disability and as encephalopathy, etiology of cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy and hereditary diseases, intrauterine infections, cerebral palsy and the immune system, prematurity, perinatal cerebral circulation disorders, birth injury, perinatal hypoxia, pregnancy pathology and damage to the fetal nervous system, HDN and bilirubin encephalopathy, pathology and pathophysiology of cerebral palsy. Annex 20 of cerebral palsy classifications.
Test Limbic brain system 2010
Morphofunctional organization. The first complex. The second complex. Old bark. The third complex. Subcortical structures. Hypothalamus. Reticular formation of the midbrain. Functions of the limbic system
Test Speech Disorder: Dysarthria 2010
Introduction Dysarthria. Her characteristics, forms Examination of children with dysarthria, diagnosis Treatment and correction Conclusion References
Lectures Central nervous system (CNS) 2009
The evolution of the nervous system. Brain embryogenesis. The general plan of the structure of the nervous system. Structural organization of the nervous system. White and gray matter conducting paths. The concept of a neuron as a structural unit of nervous tissue. Morphology, types of neurons. Neuroglia, structure, types, functions. Astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microgliocytes. Nerve fiber. Structure, types, functions. Myelin and amyelinated fibers. Type A, B, C fibers. Spinal cord. External structure, shape, length, length, grooves, departments, thickenings. Spinal cord, internal structure. Topography of the white and gray matter of the spinal cord. Reflex arc, arc links. Brain. Appearance, weight. Brain sections. Cranial nerves. Localization of nuclei, the names of the nerves and their functions. The posterior brain. Departments, the general plan of the structure. Fourth ventricle of the brain. Parts of the brain Forming it. The bottom of the fourth ventricle. Cerebellum. Appearance. Localization in the skull. Divisions and legs of the cerebellum.
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