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Attestation work Attestation work for the highest category of the neurological nurse 2009
Reflects the performance of the nurse neurological reception in the clinic for 2 years, clinical examination of patients, sanitary and educational work, bibliography
abstract Hydrocephalus 2008
Historical Heritage Definition of Hydrocephalus Classification of the Disease Etiological Classification Morphological Classification Functional Classification Causes of Hydrocephalus Progressive or Stationary Course of the Disease Diagnosis of the Disease Diagnostic Criteria Treatment of Hydrocephalus References
Stolyarov I.D., Boyko A.N. (ed) Multiple sclerosis 2008
The guide presents in a compact form data on the etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinic, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Particular attention is paid to modern methods of neuroimaging, immunodiagnostics, the use of genetic engineering immunocorrective drugs, medical and social aspects of the problem. The addresses and contact numbers of medical and public organizations working with patients with MS are given.

The work is based on literary data and on its own clinical studies conducted at the bases of the Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Medical University. Acad. IP Pavlova, Prevention and Health (Leiden, the Netherlands) and supported by grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, FTP “Integration”, by the grant of the International Federation of RS Societies.

The manual is intended for doctors, clinical interns, graduate students of medical universities and research institutes.
abstract Osteochondrosis and its prevention 2006
Introduction. Osteochondrosis and its causes. Types of osteochondrosis. Prevention. Orthopedic mode. Forms of physical education. Conclusion Literature.
Yu.N. Bykov Neurology 2005
The lecture course covers most sections of neurology. In a brief form presents basic information on the history of neurology as a science, anatomical and physiological, epidemiological, clinical aspects. The reader can get acquainted with modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system. The lecture course is intended for students of higher educational institutions where the course of nervous diseases is taught.
A.V. Vasiliev Vegetative dystonia: symptoms and effective treatment 2004
Vegetative-vascular dystonia is one of the most common diseases. The book describes the diverse manifestations of this disorder and its possible causes, the basic principles of the functioning of the circulatory system and the nervous system. Attention is paid to the correction of lifestyle, which is necessary for the cure of this disease: proper nutrition, physical and emotional activity, harmful and healthy habits. Many methods of treating vegetative-vascular dystonia are considered, both traditional (from medicines and herbal remedies to respiratory gymnastics) and unconventional: treatment with water, beekeeping products, sounds, smells, and also animal therapy.
Asimov Isaac The human brain. From axon to neuron 2003
From this wonderful book you will learn about the structure and secrets of the human central nervous system, anatomy, physiology and the most complex biochemical processes occurring in the brain. The book contains many interesting and witty stories about discoveries and phenomena, hypotheses and prospects for the science of psychobiochemistry!
Kachesov V. A. Basics of intensive rehabilitation. Spinal cord and spinal cord injury. Book 1 2002
The author is a Candidate of Medical Sciences, a researcher at the Research Institute of N.V. Sklifosovsky, summarizes the accumulated 18-year experience of intensive rehabilitation of victims with spinal trauma.

The publication in 1999 of the book "Fundamentals of Intensive Rehabilitation", devoted to the rehabilitation of victims with spinal injuries, has aroused great interest in the medical world and in patients. The book quickly disappeared from the stores. Technological solutions developed by the author are successfully used in many medical centers in Russia and abroad for the rehabilitation of patients with paralysis, contractures, and false joints. In the published monographs "False joints of bones", "Manual therapy in the practice of traumatologist-orthopedist", "Basics of intensive rehabilitation of cerebral palsy", in numerous journal articles the data of scientific studies confirming the high efficiency of the developed methods are presented. Author's technologies, methods and devices for intensive rehabilitation are recognized as inventions and protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

The book provides a non-standard view on the pathogenesis of spinal injury. The technology of intensive rehabilitation is described and shown in photos in detail. The appendix summarizes the interesting information about the psychology of the victims.

The book is written in an accessible language and is of undoubted interest for rehabilitation therapists, neuropathologists, orthopedists, doctors of other specialties, as well as for the victims and their relatives.
Lyapidevsky S.S. Neuropathology 2000
The natural scientific foundations of special pedagogy: Textbook. for stud. higher studies. Institutions.

The textbook has been prepared in accordance with the program of the course “Neuropathology”, which is basic when studying other medical and psychological-pedagogical disciplines taught at defectological faculties.

Addressed to students of higher and secondary educational institutions.
E.I. Gusev, A.N.Konovalov, G.S.Burd Neurology and Neurosurgery 2000
The textbook presents basic information on general and particular clinical neurology and neurosurgery. The modern ideas about the morphology and functions of the nervous system, methods of examining patients, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, methods of treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system, as well as the basics of rehabilitation and medical and social expertise are outlined.
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