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Eva Maida Handbook of multiple sclerosis for the sick and their loved ones 1999
Translation from German by N. A. Vrublevskaya The book is intended primarily for patients with multiple sclerosis. It represents one of the few successful attempts in a popular form to prompt the patient out of many difficult situations, to answer his questions related to the development of a chronic disease, the treatment of which is associated with a number of difficulties. Conducting a frank conversation with the patient, his relatives, discussing the adaptation of a young man to physical disabilities, disability, the author indirectly appeals to the whole society, urging him to take another look at these people.
Thesis for the degree

Candidate of Medical Sciences
The state of higher mental functions in chronic intoxication with inorganic phosphorus compounds 1999
Introduction Chapter I. Review of the literature. Chapter II Materials, methods and scope of research. Chapter III. Assessment of the nervous system in chronic patients. intoxication with inorganic phosphorus compounds. Chapter IV The results of neuropsychological studies in chronic intoxication with inorganic phosphorus compounds. Conclusion Findings. Practical recommendations. List of used literature.
Independent work Occupational diseases - vibrational disease 1997
Medical history. Passport part. Anamnesis of the present disease. Anamnesis of life. Objective research. Preliminary diagnosis. Laboratory data. The final diagnosis.
Misyuk N. S., Gurlenia A. M., Dronin M. S. Emergency care in neuropathology 1990
Headache Mechanisms of occurrence. Vascular, or neurocirculatory, dystonias. Arterial hypertension. Acute hypertensive encephalopathy. Arterial hypotension. Atherosclerosis of the cerebral vessels
L.O. Badalyan Neuropathology 1987
Textbook for universities. 2nd ed. In general, it is devoted to describing the development of the nervous system (ontogenesis) and the formation of the most important brain systems. Separate chapters are devoted to the functional anatomy of the nervous system, research methods and major diseases. The book contains data on neuropsychology and borderline states, some sections have been expanded, new ones have been included (“Psychopathies”, “Alcoholism and Drug Addiction”, etc.). Much attention is paid to the methods of research of the sensory organs, syndromes of visual impairment, hearing, speech, which is the basis of special pedagogy aimed at correcting hearing, speech, social and domestic adaptation of patients with these disorders. Attention is also paid to the age peculiarities of the development of children and the influence of these features on the course of diseases of the nervous system, the formation of pathological states of the nervous and mental spheres requiring medical and pedagogical correction.
Yarosh A.A. Nervous diseases 1985
- The history of the development of domestic neuropathology. - Propaedeutics of nervous diseases. - Anatomical sketch. The concept of phylo- and ontogenesis of the nervous system. Histology of the nervous system. Peripheral nervous system. Spinal cord. Cerebellum. Cerebral trunk. Subcortical nuclei and extrapyramidal system. Hemispheres of the big brain. Vegetative nervous system. The shell of the brain and spinal cord. Blood supply to the central nervous system. - Sensitivity, violation of sensitivity. Types of sensitivity. Methods of sensitivity studies. Pathways of certain types of sensitivity. Violation of sensitivity. Private symptomatology of sensitivity disorders. - Reflex-motor sphere, the symptomatology of its disorders. The concept of reflex and reflex arc. Unconditioned reflexes and their pathology. Pathological reflexes ..... etc.
A. A. Drozdov, M. V. Drozdova Nervous diseases. Cribs
Sensitivity and types of sensitivity disorders. Types of reflexes and methods for their determination. The formation of voluntary and involuntary movements. How does the spinal cord. Extrapyramidal system and its disorders. Structure and function of the cerebellum. Types of cerebellar lesions. The structure of the brain. Functions of the brain and possible violations of these functions. The characteristic symptoms of lesions of certain areas of the cerebral cortex. The structure of the autonomic and limbic nervous system and their functions. Possible disorders of the autonomic nervous system and methods for their determination. Paralysis. Disorders of cerebral circulation: damage to the internal carotid artery. The defeat of the anterior and middle cerebral artery. Pathology of the anterior and posterior cerebral artery ..... etc.
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