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A.A. Drozdov, M. V. Drozdova. Nervous diseases. Cheat sheets
Sensitivity and types of sensitivity disorders. Types of reflexes and methods for their determination. The formation of voluntary and involuntary movements. How does the spinal cord. Extrapyramidal system and its disorders. The structure and function of the cerebellum. Types of cerebellar damage. The structure of the brain. Brain functions and possible violations of these functions. The characteristic symptoms of damage to certain parts of the cerebral cortex. The structure of the autonomic and limbic nervous system and their functions. Possible disorders of the autonomic nervous system and methods for their determination. Paralysis. Cerebrovascular accident: damage to the internal carotid artery. Damage to the anterior and middle cerebral artery. Pathology of the anterior and posterior cerebral artery ..... etc.

Books and textbooks on the subject of Neurology and Neurosurgery:

  1. Crib. Spur for the exam in the discipline of Neurology - 2012
  2. Crib. Neuropathology - 2012
  3. Abstract. “Infectious diseases of the nervous system” - 2012
  4. Presentation. Rehabilitation of patients with osteochondrosis - 2012
  5. Abstract. Brain circulation and brain response to hypoxia - 2012
  6. Tables. Nervous Disease Tables 2011
  7. Crib. General course of Neuropathology - 2011
  8. Tables. Nervous Disease Curriculums 2011
  9. Exam questions. Neurology Exam 2011
  10. Abstract. Cerebral Palsy - 2011
  11. Crib. Neurology - 2011
  12. Abstract. Parkinson's Disease 2011
  13. Test. Cranial Nerves - 2011
  14. Test. Features GNI person. The development of speech in ontogenesis and its impairment - 2011
  15. Abstract. Traumatic brain injury - 2011
  16. Methodical instructions. Neuropsychiatric Disorders - 2011
  17. Abstract review. Issues of etiopathogenesis of cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) - 2010
  18. Test. The limbic system of the brain - 2010
  19. Test. Speech Disorder: Dysarthria - 2010
  20. Lectures. Central nervous system (CNS) - 2009
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