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Review review. Issues of etiopathogenesis of cerebral palsy (CP), 2010
Abstract review of the state of the problem according to the literature until 1999. Summary: various definitions of cerebral palsy, brain and movement organization, ontogenesis, cerebral palsy as a disability and as encephalopathy, etiology of cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy and hereditary diseases, intrauterine infections, cerebral pathology of pregnancy and damage to the fetal nervous system, HDN and bilirubin encephalopathy, pathology and pathophysiology of cerebral palsy. Annex 20 of cerebral palsy classifications.
Brain and movement organization
Cerebral palsy as a disability and as encephalopathy
Etiology of cerebral palsy
Intrauterine infections. Cerebral Palsy and Immune System
Perinatal cerebral circulatory disorders (NMC)
Birth injury
Perinatal hypoxia
Pathology of pregnancy and damage to the fetal nervous system
Neurotransmitter disorders and motor pathology in cerebral palsy and similar diseases
Pathological anatomy and pathophysiology for cerebral palsy and other perinatal CNS lesions
Some neurophysiological mechanisms of development of motor disorders in cerebral palsy

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