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Lectures Tumors of the digestive tract 2012
Tumors of the pancreas Cancer of the pancreas Cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreas Cancer of the Fater's nipple Cancer of the extrahepatic bile duct Cancer of the gallbladder Benign tumors of the liver Malignant liver tumors
Lectures A short guide to the diagnosis and treatment of major oncogynecological diseases 2011
A short guide to the diagnosis and treatment of major oncogynecological diseases. Pre-tumoral diseases of the vulva

Cancer of the vulva

Pre-tumoral diseases of the cervix uterine cervix Cancer of the uterus of the endometrial system Uterine sarcoma Tumor formation in the small pelvis originating from the genitals Cancer of the ovary Cancer of the fallopian tube Trophoblastic disease Choriocarcinoma
Lectures Materials of the XIV Russian Cancer Congress 2010
The collection contains reports presented by the leading domestic and foreign experts at the XIV Russian Cancer Congress and devoted to topical problems of clinical and experimental oncology. The collection also includes abstracts of scientific works of Russian and CIS oncologists.

In 2010, it is planned to publish a collection of materials of the XIV Russian Cancer Congress.
AI Rukavishnikov ABC of Cancer 2007
The manual is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of solid cancer on the basis of its cause - a cancer cell.

In the chapters, modern knowledge of carcinogenesis and its sources, the properties of the cancer cell and their molecular causes are compared with a normal cell of the same type.

Based on this, modern methods of early detection of cancer cells and their elimination are described, methods of killing and reversing cancer cells.

The manual is intended for students of the dental faculty of medical universities and universities. It can be useful for oncologists.
Petrenko A.A. Analysis of DNA methylation in cervical cancer 2003
Introduction DNA methylation DNA methylation spreading DNA methylation function Methylation during development Methylation enzymes Methylation as a dynamic process Role of methylation in carcinogenesis Genetic role of DNA methylation in carcinogenesis Epigenetic role of DNA methylation in carcinogenesis Comparative analysis of modern methods for determining the status of DNA methylation Methods for analyzing the methylation status of CpG dinucleotides Methods identification of CpG-islands, aberrant-methylated in tumors MATERIALS AND METHODS Results of the study
B. V. Afanasyev, I. A. Baldueva, M. B. Belogurova Pediatric oncology 2002
This manual is different in that it includes sections previously considered as exclusive prerogative of children's hematologists - various types of malignant blood damage in children, although the approach to diagnosis and treatment of this pathology is specific for oncology departments.

The manual summarizes modern foreign data and extensive practical experience of the staff of the St. Petersburg Center for Advanced Medical Technologies (City Hospital No. 31) and the Hematology Center of St. Petersburg State Medical University. The main principles of diagnosis, treatment, given the dose of radiation and the principles of chemotherapy are given.

The manual is intended for children's oncologists, doctors of other specialties.
Zholondz M.Ya. Cancer: Practice of Healing 2001
In this book you will find practical recommendations for the cure of cancer. The author gives a detailed account of the methods based on the action of plant poisons. It is important that all conclusions and advice are the result of the author's own many years of research.

Why did you need poison to cure cancer? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each technique? Is it possible to combine different methods of treatment? Which plants are useless (or even harmful!)? How to properly control the intake of tinctures and avoid overdose when curing cancer with poisons? How to eat during the course of treatment with plant poisons and whether it is necessary to clean the body?

And most importantly, the author offers a method for those who are limited in means, and their own treatment option, which he and his family chose.

This book is the third of those that the author devoted to oncological research. The first work "Cancer: Only Truth" is devoted to the mistakes and misconceptions that have developed in modern oncology; the title of the second book "Cancer: proactive prevention" speaks for itself
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