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A.I.Rukavishnikov. The Alphabet of Cancer, 2007
The manual is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of solid cancer based on its cause - a cancer cell.

The chapters deal with current knowledge of carcinogenesis and its sources, the properties of a cancer cell and their molecular causes in comparison with a normal cell of the same type.

On this basis, modern methods for the early diagnosis of cancer cells and their elimination — methods for the destruction and reversal of cancer cells — are set forth.

The manual is intended for students of the dental faculty of medical universities and universities. It can be useful for oncologists.
The genome of the normal somatic cell
Proteome normal somatic cells
Normal somatic cell
Signal transmission from the outside to divide a normal cell
Cancer Somatic Cell
Methods for the early detection of cancer cells
Methods for killing cancer cells
The immune system protects the internal environment of the body from exogenous and endogenous antigens
Immunotherapy - Cancer Treatment in the 21st Century
Cancer cell reversion

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