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Lectures. Tumors of the digestive tract, 2012
Pancreatic tumors Pancreatic cancer Pancreatic cystadenocarcinoma Cancer Vater nipple Extrahepatic cancer of the biliary tract Gall bladder cancer Benign liver tumors Malignant liver tumors

Books and textbooks on Oncology:

  1. Lectures. A quick guide to the diagnosis and treatment of major oncologic diseases - 2011
  2. Lectures. Proceedings of the XIV Russian Oncological Congress - 2010
  3. A.I.Rukavishnikov. ABC of Cancer - 2007
  4. Petrenko A.A. DNA methylation analysis for cervical cancer - 2003
  5. B. V. Afanasyev, I. A. Baldueva, M. B. Belogurova. Pediatric Oncology - 2002
  6. Jolondz M. Ya .. Cancer: the practice of healing - 2001
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