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Jolondz M. Ya .. Cancer: the practice of healing, 2001
In this book you will find practical advice on how to cure cancer. The author tells in detail about the methods based on the action of plant poisons. It is important that all conclusions and advice are the result of the author’s many years of research.

Why did it take poisons to cure cancer? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each technique? Is it possible to combine different treatment methods? What plants are useless (or even harmful!)? How to properly control the intake of tinctures and avoid overdose when treating cancer with poisons? How to eat during the course of treatment with plant poisons and whether it is necessary to clean the body?

And most importantly: the author offers a method for those who have limited means, and his own treatment option, which he and his family members chose.

This book is the third of those that the author has devoted to oncological research. The first work “Cancer: only truth” is devoted to the mistakes and errors that have developed in modern oncology; The title of the second book, Cancer: Active Prevention, speaks for itself.

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