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One of the recommendations of "VN" - take a wrestler in microclysters 30-50 ml, and still drink from 1 to 5 drops 2-3 times a day in hot tea. We have already said above that dripping tincture of a fighter into hot tea means significantly weakening its effect on the tumor. But to use the tincture of a wrestler in microclysters is a serious question!

V. Century Tishchenko set the tone in the application of microclyster with poisonous tincture for cancer of the rectum, prostate gland, bladder. He recommends microclysters with hemlock tincture: “In the morning and in the evening, after a cleansing enema with chamomile, put three drops of hemlock in the anus of microclysters with hemlock - 50-70 ml of warm water - and hold on at this dosage for 3 days. Then stay for 3 days on 6 drops of the hemlock and then go to 10 drops to receive. Watch the liver. With exacerbations, return to 6 drops and keep this dose constantly. ”

Here we are talking about a much weaker poison than a wrestler, a hemlock.

Please note: on the seventh day of cancer treatment, it is recommended to inject 2 drops of hemlock tincture 2 times a day in microclysters. At the same time, the main intake of this tincture inside (from one drop to forty and again to one) reaches only seven drops once a day. And in microclysters 2 times a day, 10 drops. Is it a bit much? Most likely a lot. Of course, part of the tincture will pour out with a microclyster from the anus, not absorbed by the wall of the rectum. But it’s not for nothing that V. V. Tishchenko advises to return to 6 drops in case of exacerbations and observe the liver.

Only here the liver in this case can not show anything! The fact is that the venous circulation of the pelvic organs has its own characteristics. Poison injected with microclysters is absorbed by the veins of the rectal wall. From the veins of the wall of the rectum and other organs of the small pelvis, blood is collected into the internal iliac vein. The external and internal iliac veins of each side of the pelvis merge into one common iliac vein, and from the confluence of the two common iliac veins forms the inferior vena cava, giving blood to the heart. From some organs of the abdominal cavity (except the liver): the stomach, spleen, pancreas, small and the main part of the large intestine - blood does not flow directly into the inferior vena cava, it is collected in the so-called portal vein entering the liver.
This blood is purified in the liver and only after that enters the heart. At the same time, poisons that have been sucked in the rectum or vagina, along with blood, pass into the heart and then past the liver through the inferior vena cava. These poisons are not controlled by the liver, it does not protect the body from these poisons. Therefore, waiting for the liver to signal the patient about these poisons (as Tishchenko advises) is a waste of time and health. The poison has long passed in the heart, bypassing the liver, already absorbed in various organs and tissues.

It is important to understand the difference: the ingested alkaloid poison is partially lost in the stomach, as it turns into acid, which is not useful for the treatment of salt, in acidic gastric juice. Then the remaining poison from the intestine necessarily passes with blood through the portal vein to the liver, which protects the human body from poisons. But the same poison from microclysters and vaginal tampons (the absorbed part of the poison) does not pass through the liver, and it does not protect the body from poisons from microclysters, douching and vaginal tampons.

In case of cancer of the rectum, prostate gland, bladder, microclysters with tincture of the main poison can first of all cause a sharp decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood. When adjusting the dosage of the tincture to the side of the reduction according to the general blood test, attention should first of all be directed to reducing the dose in microclysters. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that microclysters deliver poison by the shortest path to the tumor, and this is their important feature.

As for microclysters with aconite, microclysters should contain no more than 1 drop of aconite tincture, which is much more toxic than 10 drops of hemlock tincture.

Everything said in this chapter relates to the normal course of the cancer process in the patient's body. In cases where there are particularly severe cancer variants (colorectal cancer, etc.), enhanced methods of curing the cancer become expedient. Microclysters with 10 drops of hemlock tincture with 50-70 ml of warm water in the morning and evening (according to Tishchenko with hemlock) and even microclysters with 3 drops of aconite tincture (wrestler) with 50-70 ml of warm water in the morning and evening ( in the treatment of aconite). Sometimes the number of drops of aconite tincture is increased to seven in each microclyster in the morning and evening!
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