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G.V. Artamonov, V.B. Batievskaya Economy of the industry (healthcare) 2006
The manual contains the definition of the discipline "Economics of the industry (health)" and the manual is intended to prepare students of medical universities in the specialty "Economics and management of health care enterprises." The manual is compiled in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education 060800.

The manual can also be used for postgraduate training in the specialty "Public Health and Health Organization".
DI. Kitsch, A.V. Fomina Fundamentals of Economics and Health Financing 2005
The manual outlines the main issues of financing and economics of health care in modern conditions, presents general information about the activities of medical institutions in the health insurance system, gives concepts about the formation of the medical services market, planning the need for medical care.

For students enrolled in the specialties "General Medicine", "Dentistry", "Pharmacy", "Nursing", residents, graduate students, experts in the field of management and economics of health and medical insurance.

Prepared at the Department of Public Health, Health and Hygiene RUDN.
Tishchenko E.M., Zaborovsky G.I. Public Health and Health Care: A textbook for students of the faculty of nurses with higher education. 2004
The textbook outlines the main topics of the discipline "public health and health care" and their current state. Undoubtedly, the textbook will be useful to students of medical universities and, above all, students of the nursing faculty.
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