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Maklakov .. General principles of military psychology,
The emergence and development of military psychology. The views of prominent Russian commanders (A. V. Suvorov, M. I. Kutuzov, P. S. Nakhimov, S. O. Makarov, M. I. Dragomirov) on the problems of psychological support for the activities of military personnel. The development of military-psychological thought in the XX century. The formation of domestic military psychology. Military psychology as a branch of modern science, its structure and functions. The subject, object and tasks of military psychology. The main directions of research of military psychologists. Research methods in military psychology.

Books and textbooks on the discipline of Military Psychology and Pedagogy:

  1. Velichko S.V. Adaptation potential of servicemen in psychological preparation for civilian life - Auto year
  2. Crib. Program questions in the discipline "Military Psychology" in the specialty "Psychology" - 2012
  3. Lecture. Psychological correction - 2012
  4. Abstract. Ethics of life and family life officer - 2012
  5. I. Yu. Lepeshinsky, V. V. Glebov, V. B. Listkov, V. F. Terekhov. Basics of military pedagogy and psychology - 2011
  6. Course work. Personality and team. The interaction of the individual and the team in the conditions of military service - 2011
  7. I.V. Syromyatnikov. Organization of psychological work in a military unit in peacetime - 2011
  8. Abstract. Psychological rehabilitation of military personnel - 2011
  9. Course work. Psychological aspects of the patriotic education of young people (in the system of compulsory preparation of citizens for military service) - 2011
  10. Course work. Socio-psychological relations in military collectives - 2011
  11. Gubin V.A., Zagoryuyev A.L.. The Direction of Youth on Military Professional Activities - 2011
  12. Course work. Psychological features of the personality of female servicemen - 2010
  13. Zuev Yu.F. Military Pedagogy - 2010
  14. Abstract. Terrorism in Russia - 2010
  15. Abstract. Organization of educational work in the school of VA Sukhomlinsky - 2010
  16. Course work. Influence of the legal basis of service on interpersonal relations of military personnel - 2010
  17. Diploma. Psychological assistance to young servicemen with stuck characterological accentuation by the method of group client-centered psychotherapy - 2010
  18. Abstract. Prevention of drug trafficking in military units - 2010
  19. A. Kislitsyna. Features of the personal adaptation potential of conscripts - 2010
  20. . Diagnostics of the state of military discipline in the division - 2010
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