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Crib. Program questions in the discipline "Military Psychology", specialty "Psychology", 2012
The history of the origin and development of psychological knowledge of military psychology. Periodization of the history of military psychology. Object, subject and main tasks of military psychology. Methodological principles of military history about the nature and role of mental development. The structural features of the nervous system and its impact on the life and work of military personnel. The concept of mental cognitive processes in conditions of military activity. Emotions and feelings in the conditions of military activity. Features of moral feelings in conditions of military activity. Brief description of the soldier’s emotional states (mood, affect, passion). The state of frustration and the conditions of occurrence in the military team. Will and emotional-volitional stability of military personnel. Description of the basic volitional qualities of military personnel and the ways of their formation. The concept of personality in military psychology. The psychological structure of the personality of a serviceman. The role of heredity and environment in the development of the personality of a soldier. A theoretical approach to understanding the identity of a soldier. The applied nature of the military-psychological understanding of the personality of a serviceman. Mental properties of the personality and their accounting in the training and education of military personnel. Mental conditions of military personnel and their accounting in official activity. Management of mental states of military personnel in specific conditions of service. Management of the mental states of military personnel in battle conditions. Psychological methods of studying the personality of a serviceman. Psychological methods of studying a military team. The main methods of military psychology. The use of the sociometric method in the study of a military team. The socio-psychological structure of the military team. Psychology of the military team. The role of public opinion in the military team. The main features of the relationship in the military team. The value of collective opinion in the life and work of Tradition - as an element of the psychology of the military collective. Features of a multinational military team. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of uniting a military team. Socio-psychological prerequisites for the emergence of interpersonal conflicts in a military team. The causes of conflict in the military team. The structure of the conflict situation of the military team (schematically). Ways to identify possible conflicts in the military team. Ways to prevent conflicts in a military team. Psychological aspects of overcoming conflict situations in a military team. The moral and psychological state of the military: assessment and ways of formation
The concept of personality in military psychology

Books and textbooks on the subject of Military Psychology and Pedagogy:

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