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Thesis. Psychological personality traits of citizens entering military service under the contract, 2007
Army, army service, contract service, motivation, choice of military profession, officer, soldier, homeland defense

The armed forces are a complex social organism that is an integral part of modern society. Their development and condition are always conditioned by the development trends of the society itself. However, regardless of historical conditions and socio-economic development trends for the Armed Forces of Russia, the main task has always been and remains the armed defense of the borders of the Motherland. The armed forces are not a faceless organism or a soulless mechanism, they are, first of all, people who possess the necessary level of knowledge and skills to manage complex military equipment, as well as the necessary personality traits to win on the battlefield. Therefore, one of the central activities of a long-term serviceman is working with people.
Literature Analysis
An experimental study of the psychological qualities of the individual of citizens entering military service under contract

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