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Graduate work. Psychological features of aggressiveness of servicemen of reconnaissance and sabotage groups, 2006
Aggression, military, intelligence, social adaptation, profession, hostility, behavior culture, mental health of military personnel, aggressive behavior.

The problem of adapting young people to military service is extremely complex. Unfortunately, not every citizen drafted into the Armed Forces is able to successfully adapt to new conditions of activity. A very significant number of young people in the first period of service experience difficulties in adaptation, which leads not only to problems in interpersonal relations, to non-acceptance of the requirements of military discipline and low efficiency of professional activity, but also to health impairment.

Behavior, according to most psychologists (R. Baron, B. Richasdson), is a joint function of the individual and its environment. Thus, the behavior of an individual in society is determined by the impact of the situation in which he finds himself, as well as by the qualities, emotions and inclinations that he manifests in this situation. Most modern theories concerning the problem of aggressive behavior admit that it is determined by external factors related to the situation or the environment, cognitive variables and systems, as well as internal factors that reflect characteristic traits and inclinations.
Theoretical and methodological aspects of domestic and foreign literature on the problem of aggressiveness
Experimental studies of the psychological characteristics of the aggressiveness of the military reconnaissance and sabotage groups

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