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Senyavskaya ES. Psychology of war in the XX century - historical experience of Russia, 2007
In its history, Russia has experienced many armed conflicts, but it was in the 20th century that the massive socio-psychological phenomenon of the “man of war” arises. This book tells how this phenomenon was reflected in the popular consciousness and influenced the fate of several generations of our compatriots. Its main theme is a man in the extreme conditions of the war, his thoughts, feelings, behavior. Battle psychology and soldier fatalism; heroic impulse and panic; features of front-line life; the relationship of ordinary and officers; interaction and rivalry of the combat arms; the role of ideology and propaganda; symbols and myths of war; soldier superstitions; the formation and evolution of the image of the enemy; The phenomenon of women's participation in hostilities is far from a complete list of problems that are first revealed in historical literature by the example of all external wars of our country in the 20th century - from Russian-Japanese to Afghan. The book is based on rare archival documents, letters, diaries, memoirs of war veterans and oral history materials. It will be of interest not only to specialists, but also to everyone who cares about the history of the Fatherland. This book is a return of debt to our ancestors, soldiers and officers of the Russian Army, undeservedly forgotten heroes of long-standing wars. This is a tribute to the front-line generation of the Great Patriotic War, my father and his comrades in arms. This is a tribute to the participants of the "small wars", my peers and friends who fought in Afghanistan. This is a pain for those boys who shed blood in hot spots today, and for those who only have to go through the war ...
The wars of Russia in the XX century and the psychology of their participants
Russia in the wars of the XX century: social and historical-psychological perspective
Man in the extreme conditions of war
War as a "border situation"
Psychology of military life
The problem of getting out of the war
Russian army in the wars of the XX century: historical and psychological portrait
Private and command personnel of the army: features of psychology
Military Professional Categories at War
Social and demographic characteristics of military personnel
Women in War - a 20th Century Phenomenon
Front generation of World War II
Psychology and ideology of war: dialectics of relationships
The ideological factor in the wars of the XX century
Symbols and myths of war
Religiosity and Atheism in War
The formation of the image of the enemy in the wars of the XX century
The image of the enemy in the minds of participants in world wars
The image of the enemy in local and world wars

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