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Gavrilov M. A., Dremov S. V., Bobrovsky A. V. .. Effective weight loss program for 7 days, 2006
The problem of excess weight has become a real scourge of modern man, one of the main reasons for his many ailments. We all heard about a variety of methods of losing weight, requiring fierce diets and exhausting exercises. But the secret of the method described in this book is that there is no need to refuse anything, the main thing is to reach an understanding with your body. In the book you will read about the causes of overeating, about the differences between hunger and appetite and how to take advantage of it, about the principles of good nutrition and a proper understanding of yourself, your body and its needs. A carefully developed technique, designed for a week of classes, will help to cope with the food addiction that undermines your health, and permanently lose weight. This book is not a medical textbook. All recommendations must be agreed with your doctor.
The first day. Learning calorie foods and the alphabet of weight loss

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