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Ksenia Borodina. Lose weight with Ksenia Borodina. About diets, tablets, sport, style and ... female happiness, 2011
To her are glued the views of millions of viewers. Journalists follow her every step. The unchallenged leading reality show "House-2" Ksenia Borodina constantly gives more and more reasons for gossip, not including the need to justify for each step. But when the Internet scammers began to deceive her fans, sending everyone a "unique diet of Xenia Borodina," the consequences of which are unknown to anyone, the cup of her patience overflowed, and she decided to write this frank book. Is it true that Xenia has lost 22 kilograms, as they write on the Internet? What is the secret of its harmony and attractiveness? How to keep a built-up figure? In her book, the popular TV presenter not only talks in detail about the fight against excess weight and gives advice to those who want to lose weight, but also frankly talks about relationships with men, her family life, daughter's birth, friendship. For a wide range of readers.
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Books and textbooks on discipline Diets, weight loss and weight gain systems:

  1. Jünger A. Clean. Revolutionary diet of rejuvenation - 2012
  2. Melnikov Ilya .. Nutrition for allergic diseases - 2012 year
  3. Kovalkov A.V. How to lose weight? The strategy of victory over weight. - year 2012
  4. Schadilov E .. The ideal food - 2010
  5. Trifonova M. V .. Negotiations with sausage, or We are what we eat - 2009
  6. Lissy Moussa. Complete guide but the manufacture of own skins - 2007
  7. Krylov K .. We eat das zaine or the fascist diet of Krylov - 2007
  8. Lissy Moussa. 3000 ways to not interfere with harmony, or Make from a carcase Figurcus - 2006
  9. Dobkin. In .. Dr. Laskin's Anti-Cancer Diet - 2006
  10. Gavrilov MA, Dremov SV, Bobrovsky A.V. Effective weight loss program for 7 days - 2006
  11. Bulanov Yu.B .. Zhyrotopka - 2005
  12. Ginzburg M.M. Ideal weight loss program - 2005
  13. Lissy Moussa. Here is the Point of Support, or OK'с HUMORON - 2004
  14. George Ozawa. Macrobiotics of Zen. - 2004
  15. Shatalova GS .. Health food on the basis of energy expediency - 1995
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