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George Ozawa Macrobiotic Zen., 2004
The book is a simple and accessible language manual on harmonious nutrition, built in accordance with the principle of yin-yang, respect for acid-base balance. Such a food not only allows you to save and restore health. It changes the quality of all life, giving true well-being and fullness, building it in harmony with the Universe, with its laws. Addressed to a wide range of readers.

Books and textbooks on the discipline of diet, weight loss system and weight gain:

  1. Jünger A. Clean. Revolutionary Diet of Rejuvenation - 2012
  2. Melnikov Ilya .. Nutrition with allergic diseases - 2012
  3. Kovalkov A.V. How to lose weight? Winning over weight strategy. - year 2012
  4. Ksenia Borodina. Lose weight with Xenia Borodina. About diets, pills, sports, style and ... women's happiness - 2011
  5. Shchadilov E. Ideal food - 2010
  6. Trifonova M. V .. Negotiations with sausage, or We - what we eat - 2009
  7. Lissy Moussa. Complete guide to the manufacture of their own skins - 2007
  8. Krylov K .. Eat Das Zayne or the Krylov Fascist Diet - 2007
  9. Lissy Moussa. 3000 ways not to interfere with slimness, or Make a Carcass Figurine - 2006
  10. Dobkin. In .. Dr. Laskin's Anti-Cancer Diet - 2006
  11. Gavrilov M. A., Dremov S. V., Bobrovsky A. V. .. Effective weight loss program for 7 days - 2006
  12. Bulanov Yu.B. Zhirotopka - 2005
  13. Ginzburg MM. The ideal weight loss program - 2005
  14. Lissy Moussa. Here you have a foothold, or OK'S YUMORON - 2004
  15. Shatalova G.S. Healing nutrition on the basis of energy expediency - 1995
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