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What does “good or literate” and “bad or illiterate” PSYCHOLOGIST mean?

So who is who?

- A good psychologist plays the role of a conductor, he will teach you to solve problems yourself, finding resources inside. A bad psychologist will give you advice.

- A good professional with a higher psychological or basic medical education. You can ask to show diplomas, certificates, awards. A good psychologist will be happy to boast of his achievements, a bad one will tell you - that I forgot where I put them.

- A good psychologist will always listen to you to the end and only then will he begin to speak himself. If a psychologist cuts you off in half a word, saying “Yes, yes, I know,” or begins to tell you how wonderful he went fishing last weekend — perhaps he needs a psychologist now than you.

- A good psychologist understands his advisory role. He will not ask the client what is best to give to his wife or in what stores are now sales.

- A good psychologist always shares personal and professional relationships. If a psychologist invites you to meet after work and go to his favorite nightclub or visit him for “additional consultation”, then this is a bad psychologist.

- A good psychologist never diagnoses and does not make hasty conclusions. If you just went to his office, and the psychologist mutters to himself, "Schizophrenia, definitely." Worse, when he tells you this after you share with him your innermost feelings, not wanting to abandon the accepted diagnosis.

- A good psychologist never prescribes medication.
This can only be done by a doctor or psychiatrist. If a psychologist strenuously pushes the newest bioadditive “For gaining psychological calmness and ideal forms,” this is a bad psychologist.

- A good psychologist is always a specialist who has himself undergone or is undergoing personal therapy. If a psychologist says: “Why do I need a psychologist? I myself am a psychologist! ”Is a bad psychologist.

- A good psychologist always continues to learn and develop. He undergoes professional trainings, seminars, has a personal supervisor. If the psychologist says that he already knows everything and the most important one, this can only say the opposite.

- A good psychologist is a psychologist with a specific specialization. If a psychologist says that he solves absolutely any problems, he is a bad psychologist. And a liar.

- A good psychologist who works on an hourly basis will never cut you off after 60 minutes. He will do it tactfully, and if necessary, he will spend a little more time with the client than expected. If a psychologist has an alarm clock ringing at the end of the time for the whole office, most likely, he is a bad psychologist.

- A good psychologist absolutely always keeps confidentiality. Everything that happens between you is your secret with him. If the psychologist tells you the comic situations of former clients, condemns or laughs at them, naming names and surnames, it means that your “secret” will be told later. Before you go to a psychologist, ask if the psychologist is not led by the “My Funny Clients and Their Phobias” comic block.
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What does “good or literate” and “bad or illiterate” PSYCHOLOGIST mean?

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