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Diagnostics of communicative abilities

Test "The level of communicative control in communication"

Evaluate each of the sentences that describe reactions to certain situations: true (B) or incorrect (H) as applied to you.

1. It seems difficult for me to imitate the manner of behavior of other people.

2. I would perhaps be able to fool around to attract attention or amuse others.

3. A good actor could come out of me.

4. Other people sometimes think that I am experiencing something more deeply than it really is.

5. In the company, I rarely find myself in the spotlight.

6. In different situations and in dealing with different people, I often behave completely differently.

7. I can only defend what I truly believe in.

8. In order to succeed in business and relationships with people, I try to be what they expect me to be.

9. I can be friendly with people whom I cannot stand.

10. I'm not always what I seem.

One point is awarded for the answer N to 1, 6, 7 questions and for answer B to all the others.


0 ... 3 - low communicative control

4 ... 6 - medium communication control

7 ...
10 - high communicative control
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Diagnostics of communicative abilities

  1. Communicative communication function
    The communicative function of communication provides that the military in the course of joint activities exchange various ideas, ideas, feelings, moods, etc. This is the information of human communication, during which information is not only transmitted, but also formed, specified, developed. Communicative function has its own specifics. First of all, communication is
  2. Methodology of “Communicative and organizational inclinations”
    The technique is used to identify communicative and organizational inclinations of a person (the ability to quickly and clearly establish business and comradely contacts with people, the desire to expand the scope of contacts, participate in social and group events, the ability to influence people, the desire to take initiative, etc.). The methodology contains 40 questions, for each of which the subject should
  3. Assessment of communicative and organizational inclinations in the process of primary vocational consultation
    To conduct the study, it is necessary to prepare a CBS questionnaire and an answer sheet. The experiment can be carried out both individually and in a group. The respondents are given response forms and the instruction is read out: “You need to answer all the questions asked. Freely express your opinion on each question and answer this way: if your answer to the question is positive (you agree), then
  4. Psychologist's professional abilities
    Abilities are one of the most important qualities of a professional’s personality, which almost in the first place determines the success of mastering professional knowledge and skills, ensures the formation of social and professional competence. Professional abilities are individual psychological properties of a person’s personality that distinguish him from other people that meet the requirements of this
  5. Abilities of the newborn
    At the end of the 19th century, William James suggested that the newborn feels the world as a “noisy colorful mixture,” and this idea dominated until the 60s. Now we know that all the sensory systems of the newborn entering this world are functioning and are quite ready to study their new environment. Because the baby cannot explain what he is doing or tell what he is talking about
  6. Infant's congenital perceptual abilities
    As one of the leading principles of the infant’s mental development, the famous English psychologist T. Bauer put forward the provision on the transition of the child’s psyche ate: abstract and general to concrete and specific. At the same time, on the basis of numerous, sometimes unique, own experiments and the results of studies by other psychologists, he convincingly proved the presence of congenital babies
  7. Fasting and survival
    It can be seen from the above that human starvation is practiced under equally different circumstances as living beings of lower forms of life, and for many reasons of adaptation and survival. Starvation is an important part of a person’s life up to the present time, when we have a fetish and developed a ridiculous fear of food deprivation even for a day. It is clear that
  8. The content of the category "ability" in a psychological study
    In psychology, the term "ability" is considered from the point of view of a person’s success in an activity. However, studies show that many factors influence the assessment of the success of an activity, including the public’s willingness to accept and evaluate these achievements. Therefore, taking the criterion of success, it is proposed to clarify the content of this concept and consider “abilities” as a measure of compliance
  9. Transformation of mental cognitive processes into abilities
    The relevance of the ability problem in psychology is determined by the following circumstances: 1. Theoretically, the origins of the ability problem have not been clear for many years, and there are several approaches to determining their essence and structure, methods of study and evaluation. 2. The problem of abilities is not only one of the main theoretical, but also the most important practical problem, since
  10. Baby’s innate abilities
    Over the past 30 years, a decisive breakthrough has been made in the study of the psyche of the infant, the results of which forced psychologists to radically revise their views on the psychology of infancy. New data on the mental capabilities of the newborn and baby allowed T. Bauer to express the idea of ​​the crucial importance of this period for the cognitive development of the child. What are they these
  11. Learning abilities in military profession
    Essentially, all measures of psychological evaluation of candidates for military service and military personnel are aimed at forecasting abilities. It is well known from practice that not all people acquire the military specialty equally quickly and easily. In some cases, it has to be noted that success in the activity does not correspond to the efforts made for this. In others, we talk about insufficient
  12. Natural self healing ability
    The human body has an amazing ability to self-defense, self-healing, self-healing and even self-rejuvenation. If you watched a film about what happens with a cut on the surface of the skin in an enlarged image and in an accelerated mode, you would see a real miracle how, from blood cells - platelets - a crust forms on the site of the cut, which clogs the opened
    We said in chapter 16 that the problem of human abilities is the most important psychology problem in the Navy. The officer’s performance of his duties is often associated with his ability. The abilities of the personnel of the Navy of the USSR are evaluated in accordance with the requirements of various types of activity for moral, political and psychophysiological
  14. Impaired lung diffusion
    The transition of O2 from the alveolar air into the blood of the pulmonary microvessels, and CO2 in the opposite direction, is carried out by diffusion along the concentration gradient of gases in these media. The indicators characterizing the diffusion of gases is the inverse of the diffusion resistance, called the diffusion capacity of the lungs (DL). This parameter shows the number of ml. gas passing through the pulmonary
    If a person is not offended by your joke, that means he has a sense of humor, and if he is offended, then he understood its meaning. Mikhail Genin In this chapter ... What is “drudle” and “what it is eaten with" Have a paradox of thought Have study and humor According to the theory of the English writer and philosopher Arthur Kestler ("Act of creativity") there is a direct connection between wit and creative
  16. Historical and cultural origins of special abilities
    The discovery of the source of special abilities involves the establishment of the stage of historical development when the individual mental characteristics that ensure the success of an activity in some individuals began to differ from the individual mental characteristics of other individuals less successful in these types of activities. Firmly established facts on which we can rely,
  17. Abilities and intelligence in combat training of a sailor
    When people talk about a person’s abilities, they mean his abilities in one or another activity. All other things being equal (level of preparedness, knowledge, skills, abilities; time spent, mental and physical efforts), a capable person gets maximum results compared with a less capable person. What should be understood by human abilities? Abilities are one of the main
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