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1. The plan of psychological psychology of the transfer of additional knowledge of such minds: the designation of the document; uniquely uniquely formulated meti i zavdan; establishment of contingent; prediction of opportunities of the victorious results achieved (for example, appraisal of the prospect of professional success, formality of the split team, psychological preparation of the skinny). The psychologist independently vibrates method robots, which are tackled with the greatest possible effectiveness and the greatest possible primer.

2. Psychologist zabezpechuє tsіlkovitu nadіynіst rezultatіv, vіdpovіdaє for rіshennya, SSMSC priymayut ofіtsіynі individuals per osnovі Yogo visnovkіv that rekomendatsіy, zapobіgaє mozhlivim pomilkam in dіyalnostі neprofesіonalіv, kotrі dopomagayut in robotі, ale not oznayomlenі of vimogami scho stosuyutsya obmezhen in vikoristannі information The doslіdzhuvanih. The psychologist has the right to be more correct and more accessible to unprofessional people who have gotten more psychological methods, as well as to possible inhumane methods. Shchodo psychologist vikoristuyutsya principle, analogous to the principle of the presumption of innocence in convictions.
The guilt of the psychologist in the broken Code of Ethics is guilty of a buti brought to the public of the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine.

3. The psychologist to build up to a minimum the hate of negative hate for quiet, so take the fate of the experiment. If you have to worry about what’s needed, but what’s possible, you can have a psychogenic reaction from the client, the psychologist is guilty of a negative response to the robot’s work with him. As a matter of fact, let the experiment require unrecognized knowledge of the results and results, the psychologist is able to reassure you that you won’t be able to get a shorthand for the participants. In this way, there’s a chance to improve the quality of experimental programs.

4. The psychologist is late іnformє klіntіv about the right to vіdmovidіvіd participation in doslіdzhenі. If you want to give a chance to take part in the experiment, the psychologist will have to reconsider that you take the decision without any doubts (for example, father, teacher, pass through).
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  1. The methodology of psychological dosledzhennya
    In the unified vision of technology, methodology is a synthesis of methods of psychological analysis. Having understood the “.method”, it’s a concrete form and method of vikoristanny methods in advance, for the help of some kind of greater understanding of the greater psychic manifestations. Particularly with the methodology, the methodology of tactical tactics and problems with the methodology of dividing the pre-existing algorithm in
  2. Methodology of psychological dosledzhennya
    Razrіznyayut universalnnі and special methods of psychological_doslіzhennya. Universal methods - as such, not only in psychology, but in the final clauses of the science of knowledge: yak in disputes behind the serpent, so іn indisputable. Prior to universal methods to follow with caution, experiment, besid, questionnaire skinny. Special metoli - the method that is used to
  3. Methodology of psychological doslіzhennya
    Understanding "methodology" - the Greek conception and meaning "science about the method." Methodology is a system of principles and concerns for organizing and encouraging theoretical and practical activities, as well as science about the whole system. Methodology of science maє dvіyakіsnі form. First of all, there’s a yes announcement about priyomi abo technology dosledzhennya. Tobona Vova vivchaє zovnіshnі that special signs of the group of appearances, scho require
  4. Methodology of empirical psychological doslіdzhennya
    Compassion, experiment, lack of knowledge, interview, questionnaire, social measurement, reference method, test method, test, active product, and the following psychological characteristics are essential - the psychological method. Let’s look at them with reports. . Compassionate Method of compassionately vikoristuvatsya at vіiskovіy psychology. Vin polyagaє in
  5. Methods of theoretical psychological doslіdzhennya
    Modeling, reconstructing and nschologizatsiya - methods of theoretical attainment of mental psychic phenomena. For the additional model, you can create actions for the sutti of the power of the system-original. Isnuvanny podbnostі dєmogu vikoristovuvati model as deputy assistant doslіdzhuvano system. The simplicity of the model is to rob such a deputy to finish it at once. Simplified system models - do not need to change the existing system
  6. Methodology and methodology of psychological dosledzhennya
    Methodology and methodology of psychological
  7. NOT 2.2. Basic ethical protirіchchya, principle, rules and standards at the robot psychologist
    NOT 2.2. Basic etiсnі protirіchchya, principle, rules and standards of the robot
  8. The moral is that of socio-psychological determinism. Psychology of morality and special features
    Morality є this part of philosophies, yak is much better to be quieter, ale shchonayimenshe to look out more A.B.Knyazhnіn The problem of urgent suspension - the fall of moral rivia of people - is the root cause of the problem of social problems. Often, the problem of morality is tied up with economical difficulties, but if you are in a kind of harsh psychological situation, you cannot get out of it.
  9. Ethical Psychologist Standards
    Good standard for a psychologist’s robot is to follow the ethical principles of a psychologist and to seek to achieve human rights and freedoms of people, achieve human and social goals (prosperous, healthy, high-quality and healthy life). d.). In Ukraine, it’s quite a bit dumb, with the familiarity of ethical standards of a psychologist. To that given
  10. LESSON 11 Desmurgy. The rules for applying bandage dressings, dressings. First aid for dislocations and fractures. Transport immobilization. The rules for applying tires.
    Objective: To teach students how to perform dressings, apply dressings to any part of the body, identify clinical symptoms of dislocations and fractures, and carry out transport immobilization of the victim. Test questions 1. Prepare for the final test on topics 7-10. 2. Desmurgy. Rules for applying a soft bandage bandage. 3. What bandage headbands do you know. Show them
  11. Planning of diagnostic tests
    The first plan for veterinary and prophylactic and preventive visits includes plans for the diagnosis of the benefits of the rare species for infectious diseases. Independently, the entire situation plan is guilty of including the following: horses - on glanders; great horny thinness - for tuberculosis, leukemia and brucellosis, and tuberculosis, and for campobacteriosis and trichomoniasis; pigs - for brucellosis
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