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Where can I become a psychologist right after school?

Here I will provide some information about state higher education institutions that train psychologists. Like it or not, the prestige of state universities is still higher than private ones. Someday this will change. Where they could, they indicated the conditions of admission, telephones, the competition that was in previous years, and other information that may be of interest to the applicant.


Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosova

The Faculty of Psychology has the following coordinates: 103009, Moscow, ul. Mokhovaya, 8, bldg. 5, room 204. Tel. 203-67-39. Examinations: mathematics (in writing, p), Russian language and literature (p), biology (p). Competition - 10.3 people per place. The hostel is available for applicants from June 28.

Russian State University for the Humanities

125262, Moscow, st. Chayanova, 15. Tel. 250-69-65. Directions: metro station "Novoslobodskaya", "Mendeleev". Exams: psychology-biology (n, orally - y), presentation. Competition - 4.3 people per place. A hostel is provided.

Republican Center for Humanitarian Education (University)

121002, Moscow, Smolensky Blvd. 20. Tel. 201-50-37. Directions: metro "Park Kultury", trol. B, 10, stop Zubovskaya Square.


Russian State Pedagogical University

191186, St. Petersburg, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 47. Tel. 312-21-07, 210-70-34 (no other information).

Saint Petersburg State University

199034, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya Embankment, 7/9. Tel 218-94-55, 218-97-01.

St. Petersburg Municipal Institute of Psychology and Social Work

196180, St. Petersburg, 6th line V.O., 55. Tel. 213-07-70.

Institute of Biology and Human Psychology

191104, St. Petersburg, Liteiny prospect, 42.


Belgorod State Pedagogical University

308012, Belgorod, st. Student, 12. Tel. 4-15-32, 4-15-81.

Vladimir State Pedagogical University

600024, Vladimir, ave. Builders, 11. Tel. 27-27-29, 27-27-04. There is a correspondence course. A hostel is provided.

Voronezh State Pedagogical University

394611, st. Lenin, 86. Tel. 55-19-49.

Yelets State Pedagogical Institute

399740, Yelets, st. Lenin, 91. Tel. 2-04-63. Exams: essay, biology (y), Russian language (y). There is a correspondence department.

Kostroma State Pedagogical University named after N. A. Nekrasova

156001, Kostroma, st. May 1, 14. Tel. 31-77-23. The average competition is 2-3 people per place. Exams: biology (y), mathematics (p), essay. Preparatory courses are available.

Michurinsky State Pedagogical Institute

393740, Michurinsk, Tambov region, st. Sovetskaya, 274. Tel. 5-45-60, 5-26-45. Exams: Russian language and literature (y), essay. Early entrance exams are held. A hostel is provided.

Oryol State University

302015, Oryol, ul. Komsomolskaya, 95. Tel. 77-73-18, 77-77-96. Exams: essay, biology (y), mathematics (p), testing for aptitude. Competition - 1-3 people per place. Rehearsal exams are held.

Tambov State University

392620, Tambov, st. International, 33. Tel. 22-34-40.

Tula State Pedagogical University

300026, Tula, ave. Lenin, 125. Tel. 25-40-60. Examinations: mathematics (n), dictation or presentation (optional), biology (y).

Tula State University

300600, Tula, ave. Lenin, 92. Tel. 33-25-35. Exams: mathematics (p), presentation, biology (p), history of the Fatherland (y). Competition - 2 people per place. The hostel is provided! There is a military department. For medalists - an interview. A hostel is provided.


Arzamas State Pedagogical University

607220, Arzamas, st. K. Marx, 36. Tel. 4-15-69

Balashov State Pedagogical University

42340, Balashov, Saratov region, st. K. Marx, 29. Exams: Russian language (y), history of Russia (y), essay.

Vyatka State Pedagogical University

610002, Kirov, st. Lenin, 111. Tel. 8-8332-67-87-78. Examinations: biology (y), domestic history (y), psychology (test).

Mordovian State Pedagogical University

430000, Saransk, Student Street, 11a. Tel 8-8342-33-36-60.

Samara State Pedagogical University

443043, Samara, GSP-60, st.
Gorky, 65/67. Tel 8-8462-33-64-57.

Saratov State University

410026, Saratov, Astrakhanskaya St., 83. Tel. 8-8452-51-92-26.

Ulyanovsk State University

432700, Ulyanovsk, ul. L. Tolstoy, 42. Tel. 8-8422-31-47-57.


Adygea State University

352700, Maykop, st. May Day, 208. Tel. 8-87722-2-13-75.

Dagestan State Pedagogical University

367003, Makhachkala, st. 26 Baku Commissars, 57. Tel. 8-8722-67-92-68.

Kuban State University

350640, Krasnodar, st. Stavropol, 149. Tel. 8-8612-33-75-02.

Rostov State Pedagogical University

344082, Rostov-on-Don, ul. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 33. Tel. 8-8632-66-46-14.

Rostov State University

344006, Rostov-on-Don, B. Sadovaya, 105. Tel. 8-8632-66-32-31.

Stavropol State Pedagogical University

355038, Stavropol, st. Pushkin, 1. Tel. 8-8652-22-85-61.


Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical Institute

455036, Magnitogorsk, ave. Lenin, 114. Tel. 8-3511-35-96-55.

Orenburg State Pedagogical University

460844, Orenburg, st. Sovetskaya, 19. Tel. 8-3532-77-24-52.

Perm State Pedagogical University

614600, Perm, GSP-372, ul. K. Marx, 24. Tel. 8-3422-32-86-90.

Solikamsk State Pedagogical University

618500, Solikamsk, st. Severnaya 44. Tel. 8-3425-33-41-70.

Ural State Pedagogical University

620219, Yekaterinburg, GSP-135, ave. Cosmonauts, 26. Tel. 8-3432-58-97-04.

Ural State Vocational Pedagogical University

620012, Yekaterinburg, st. Mechanical Engineers, 11. Tel. 8-3432-31-91-49.

Ural State University

620083, Yekaterinburg, ave. Lenin, 51. Tel. 8-3432-55-73-94.

Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University

454080, Chelyabinsk, ave. Lenin, 69. Tel. 8-3512-33-03-53.

South Ural State University

454080, Chelyabinsk, ave. Lenin, 76, Tel. 8-3512-33-58-82.


Altai State University

656099, Barnaul, st. Dimitrova, 66. Tel. 8-3852-22-18-07.

Kemerovo State University

650043, Kemerovo, st. Red, 6. Tel. 8-3842-23-39-12.

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University

630126, Novosibirsk, st. Vilyuiskaya, 28. Tel. 8-3832-66-00-54.

Omsk State Pedagogical University

644099, Omsk, nab. Tukhachevsky, 14. Tel. 8-3182-23-60-20.

Where can I become a psychologist right after school

Surgut State University

626400, Surgut, Tyumen region., St. Energetikov, 14. Tel. 8-3462-21-17-46.

Tomsk State Pedagogical University

634041, Tomsk, Komsomolsky prospekt, 75. Tel. 8-3822-44-20-01.

Tyumen State University

625003, Tyumen, st. Semakova, 10. Tel. 8-3452-26-19-30.


Buryat State University

670000, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, ul. Smolin, 24a.

Irkutsk State Pedagogical Institute

664053, Irkutsk, Lower embankment, 6. Tel. 8-3952-33-54-81.

Irkutsk State University

644003, Irkutsk, st. K. Marx, 1. Tel. 8-3952-33-34-31.

Krasnoyarsk State University

660041, Krasnoyarsk, ave. Free, 79. Tel. 8-3912-44-85-72.

Siberian Institute of Business, Management and Psychology

660111, Krasnoyarsk, st. Telman, 30.


Amur State University

675009, Blagoveshchensk, Ignatievskoe highway, 21. Tel. 8-4162-25-17-19.

Far Eastern State University

690600, Vladivostok, st. Sukhanova, 8. Tel. 8-4232-22-12-80.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Pedagogical Institute

681000, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, st. Kirova, 17, bldg. 2. Tel. 8-4217-24-60-10.

International Pedagogical University

685014, Magadan, st. Port, 13. Tel 8-4130-03-00-21.

Khabarovsk State Pedagogical University

680000, Khabarovsk, st. K. Marx, 68. Tel. 8-4212-33-22-54.
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Where can I become a psychologist right after school?

  1. Directions of the military school after the death of Peter I
    After the death of Peter I (1725), the Russian army lost its firm and wise leader who knew how to prepare the army for a victorious war through very simple and rational decisions. Subsequently, the army was often led by "temporary workers", among whom there were many foreigners. In critical times for Russia, they were replaced by our domestic military leaders, whose activities became the subject of national
  2. How to become a psychologist
    In the first chapter, I told you how the creators of modern trends in psychology became psychologists. Those who have already chosen their path will go immediately to the psychological departments of universities. I will talk with you a little later. And now I will tell you how some people came to psychology of my friends and myself. This is for those who hesitate. The worst thing is doubt. Therefore, if
  4. Other schools of domestic psychology
    The schools of L. S. Vygotsky and S. L. Rubinstein are far from the only major schools in Russian psychology, although in theory they are probably the most authoritative. An important direction in Soviet psychology was the "theory of attitude", founded by the Georgian psychologist Dmitry Nikolayevich Uznadze (1886-1950). D. N. Uznadze considered psychology as a science of a holistic personality, motives and
  5. Scientific directions and schools of psychology
    A distinctive feature of psychological knowledge is the presence in it of a large number of scientific areas, schools and concepts. The mechanism of their design is different than the allocation of branches of psychology. Scientific trends differ in their subject, the problems studied, the conceptual structure, and explanatory schemes. The psychological reality of man appears in them from a certain angle of view. Some
  6. Where do psychologists train
    In order to become a professional psychologist, you must have a higher education in the specialty “Psychologist” or related specialties (“Teacher-psychologist”, “Teacher of psychology”, etc.). Specialized secondary education received at a teacher training college does not give a right for independent psychological practice. Such specialists (as well as bachelors of psychology) can work under
  7. Where does the psychologist do his job?
    The young man is certainly interested in this question. We are sorely lacking psychologists, but it is very difficult to find a high class. So far, they are concentrated mainly in universities, but now among the heads of services more and more qualified specialists are found. Our people are not to blame. Just before, in the years of dictatorship and stagnation, psychologists simply were not needed. Now psychologists
  8. Where are psychologists in demand today?
    Most applicants perceive the work of a psychologist based on impressions from films. It looks something like this: a psychologist sits in his own office and receives clients one by one, helping them cope with various psychological problems. In fact, the scope of the profession is much wider. Moreover, very little is practiced in its pure form in our country
  9. Hygienic principles of placement of schools. School service radius. Hygienic requirements for the land and school building
    When placing a school in an NP, the following principles are taken into account: * Proximity to the place of residence; * Remoteness from highways, industrial enterprises and crowded places. * Sufficiently sized plot of land that meets sanitary requirements. Area is calculated by the number of students. The smallest area for up to 320 students is 1-2 ha, 1960 - 5 ha. At the same time, the sports area is allocated
    Serious scientists (for example, studying the physics or biochemistry of roundworms) often question the status of psychology as a science. The most sensible people, who have resisted the temptation to professionally engage in science, consider psychology as an applied discipline with vague terminology ("muttering psychos"). Anyway, if you want to impress the psychologist,
  11. What can be said about special creams for inflammation of the nipples? How can I get them during an emergency?
    Unfortunately, sometimes creams and aerosols for nipples are sent along with humanitarian aid. Do not use them. Most of these products exacerbate nipple inflammation, destroying the natural protective fats in the areola. Breast sucking cannot aggravate nipple inflammation if the baby is properly seized in the mouth. Inflammation and cracked nipples begin to heal within 24 hours after
  12. The development of military psychology after the second world war
    Considering the great contribution of science to military affairs, in 1946, by the decision of the US Congress, a department for research of the Navy was created as the first federal organization in charge of scientific research. In 1946, within the framework of the American Psychological Association, a department of military psychology, or department 19, was formed. After that, psychology increasingly integrates with the military department, grows into the military
  13. Is it possible to LOSE QUICKLY, and HOW QUICKLY can LOSE?
    I know from experience that this question is asked one of the first in each lecture. We are always in a hurry somewhere. The "speed" of losing weight always depends on several factors. From age, general hormonal background, type of obesity and associated pathology, etc. The complex technique developed by me is based on personal experience, as well as on the use of the latest achievements and discoveries in the field of biochemistry
  14. When I want to talk with my wife, she begins to object, and I immediately withdraw into myself.
    Why is it that I am not only unable to express my opinion, but even speechless? Your reaction indicates that you experience a sense of fear. You really want your spouse to hear you, and at the same time you yourself think that what you are talking about is not so important for her. That is why she does not want to listen to you. What happens to you is what you fear.
    A man, of course, is not least a biological creature with certain sexual characteristics. But from the point of view of social expectations, there are always few sexual characteristics per se: a man is also required to have some “masculine” behavior. Not without reason, in the popular song of the Leningrad group called “Wild Man”, the attributes of the latter are “eggs, tobacco,
  16. Hospital schools
    The example of Dr. Bidloo showed, moreover, proved (then it had to be proved) that in Russia it is possible to successfully train qualified doctors and surgeons. It was decided to open new hospital schools in the country - two in St. Petersburg, at the land and admiralty hospitals, and one in Kronstadt, at the admiralty hospital. In the years 1736-1737. Scottish surgeon John worked in these hospitals
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